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The world's smallest & quietest ground source heat pump

Kensa’s award-winning Shoebox Heat Pump Range features the smallest and quietest ground source heat pump on the market.

Available in 3kW single compressor models and 6kW twin compressor models, the award-winning Kensa Shoebox Range is an efficient, practical and affordable heating solution engineered to provide both heating and hot water in new build and retrofit multi-dwellings and starter homes.

MIB SE squareDesigned to displace gas combination boilers as the default choice for smaller properties, the Shoebox Range is the first ground source heat pump solution that can be comfortably installed inside any home due to its low sound levels, output and size.

Small in size, big in space, time & cost savings

Install inside the home

A Kensa Shoebox is designed to fit in the under-sink kitchen cupboard in individual flats and apartments, providing a discreet and independent heating solution.

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Low capital cost

A Kensa Shoebox used in conjunction with a micro district heat network, or district heating scheme, costs far less compared to gas boilers with new gas infrastructures, air source heat pumps, and conventionally sized and individual ground source systems.

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RHI Eligible

When paired with Kensa’s innovative district heating micro heat network, Shoebox installations benefit from the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for 20 years.

Individual Shoebox domestic applications that do not feature a micro district heat network benefit from the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for 7 years.

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Heat network schemes & the Shoebox: The perfect pairing

The perfect pair for the Kensa Shoebox, micro district heat networks, also known as district heating schemes, enable a number of Shoebox units to be connected to one single communal borehole field, qualifying for the generous Non Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).



Award-winning solution for flats & apartments

Space-saving & silent independent solution

The discreet and super efficient Shoebox reduces wasted space in the property and more importantly, reduces energy bills with no reliance on fossil fuels or supplies.

Plus when used in communal dwellings there is no need to split-bills as each Shoebox offers independent heat and billing.

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Quick and low cost install

The Kensa Shoebox is easy for any plumber to install, plus the micro district heat network permits lower cost and quicker ground works due to a smaller number of shallower boreholes, resulting in more efficient project delivery.

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Award winning product innovation

The Kensa Shoebox has won many awards and acknowledgements, notably Product Innovation of the Year at the Heat Pump Awards, and receiving the Quiet Mark accreditation as the quietest ground source heat pump on the market.

Kensa’s Shoebox heat pump has been proven to perform efficiently and effectively and we have already received glowing praise from our customers regarding the real savings they are making on their electricity bills since the ground source heat pumps have been installed.

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