Grants & Incentives

Shoebox Range

Shoebox ground source heat pumps and the RHI

The Shoebox is an MCS accredited ground source heat pump, and is therefore eligible for both streams of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), including the lucrative non-Domestic RHI, where heat network schemes are utilised.

Non-Domestic RHI

Uniquely, the Shoebox heat pump provides access to the lucrative non-Domestic RHI for all domestic applications featuring a heat network scheme.

  • Earn 2.6p/kWh – 8.8p/kWh on every unit of renewable heat generated.
  • Income for 20 years payable to the system owner.
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Domestic RHI

Access to the Domestic RHI is permitted on all retrofit domestic installations of the Shoebox heat pump.

  • Earn 19.10p/kWh on every unit of renewable heat generated.
  • Income for 7 years payable to the system owner.
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