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Auldyn School, Isle of Man


Pupils gain insight into renewable energy heating systems

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The new Auldyn School was opened in September 2004 and is a state of the art eco-friendly building offering excellent resources with facilities both indoors and outdoors.

The school fitted a “wet” underfloor heating system throughout with plenty of good quality insulation underneath. This along with the high insulation meant it was an ideal application for the use of a ground source heat pump to provide the space heating and cooling for the building. The new school uses a ‘reverse cycle’ 28kW Kensa Heat Pump to provide both heating and cooling throughout the year.

Being a school there was plenty of land available for the ground arrays to absorb the renewable energy from the ground. The heat pump system has 6 x 50 metre Slinky ground arrays buried in the playing fields outside.

When in heating mode, the Slinkies extract heat from the ground and use it to heat the building via underfloor heating and in cooling mode, a number of chilled water fan coils extract heat from the building and expel it back to the ground via the Slinky ground arrays.

Key Facts

  • New Build
  • School
  • 28kW Kensa Twin Compact Heat Pump
  • 100% space heating and cooling
  • Six 50m long slinky ground arrays