Case study: Country Cottage, Aberdeen

This remote country cottage in a wooded valley in Aberdeen now enjoys cosy winters and efficient heating off the gas network, thanks to a Kensa ground source heat pump and borehole system.

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This remote country cottage is heated using a Kensa 4kW Compact Heat Pump.

Insulation has been upgraded to reduce heat losses and new, larger radiators were installed.

The antique solid fuel stove will remain for added heat in very cold weather, complimenting the Kensa heating system.

It was recommended that the ground array be  a vertical borehole to overcome the limitations of ground space, primarily due to the cottage being located in a wooded valley. One 70m borehole comprising a single closed-loop ground array was thus installed. The 32mm borehole pipes are directly connected to the external one-way manifold.

A Kensa Single Compact ground source heat pump is installed in a small utility room under the worktop and next to the washing machine.

Kensa’s heat pump, connected to radiators, operates at approximately 300% efficiency to deliver considerable energy savings when compared with the original oil boiler system.

The installation was simple and we have enjoyed a cosy winter without high fuel bills, a real success!

Key Facts

  • Retrofit country cottage
  • 4kW Kensa Single Compact ground source heat pump
  • 100% space heating
  • Borehole ground array
  • Displacing oil
  • 54% running cost savings