The Heating Revolution

Shhh – can you hear that? It’s the sound of the Underground Movement, and its growing! Kensa Heat Pumps have started a heating revolution and we want you to be a part of it.

Kensa’s Underground Movement is our campaign to inspire the adoption of ground source heat pumps across the UK by educating end users and potential installers about their significant benefits, and encouraging people to dig deeper and know their sources when it comes to heat pump technology.

The launch of the RHI and the ECO has ensured that ground source heat pumps are now more financially viable than ever – for an ever widening market.

Their sustainable merit and value for customers is unquestionable, and now with an expected payback of just 5 years for the average domestic end user, and 7 years of income through the RHI plus fuel cost savings, the case for ground source heat pumps has never been more compelling.

This is our time. Show your support of the evolution of the UKs heating infrastructure to self sufficiency with ground source heat pumps – support the Underground Movement – and help us to connect the nation to nature with Kensa ground source heat pumps!