Warm Homes Fund

The Warm Homes Fund (WHF) is a £150million fund provided by National Grid and administered by Affordable Warmth Solutions (AWS) across England, Scotland and Wales. It is primarily designed to incentivise the installation of affordable heating solutions in fuel poor households who do not use mains gas currently as their primary heating fuel. It is envisaged that this fund will be used to supplement local initiatives and existing funding streams.

Who can apply for the Warm Homes Fund?

The Fund has three annual rounds of bids, with applications invited from local authorities and registered social landlords, working with their local partners.

The fund is split into three broad categories:

  • Category 1: Urban homes and communities – we anticipate this will involve new gas heating systems which provide space heating and domestic hot water.  It could also include heat network (Shared Ground Loop Arrays) solutions.
  • Category 2: Rural homes and communities – some of the most severely fuel poor households are those without a mains gas connection in rural locations.  This category will therefore primarily focus on ‘non-gas’ solutions which may include air source heat pumps, oil and LPG.
  • Category 3: Specific energy efficient/health related solutions – this may involve national or regional programmes which bring together relevant organisations and charities to promote energy efficiency and health related programmes in relation to fuel poverty.

To maximise the impact of the WHF, all properties are expected to be insulated to the recommended industry standards and bidders and their partners are encouraged to seek additional funding to ensure these standards are met.The aims of the fund are to reduce bills, increase comfort in non-gas fuel poor households, and improve health outcomes for some of the most severe levels of fuel poverty.

Tips for a successful bid

Kensa has been instrumental in helping remove thousands of tenants in the UK out of fuel poverty thanks to the installation of ground source heat pumps.

Together with the WHF, your 2018 heating upgrade plans could make a significant change to the lives of your fuel poor tenants and also provide you with a revenue stream via the Non Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (NDRHI).

Successful WHF recipients will be judged against a number of criteria (here). That said it is worth noting Kensa ground source heat pump WHF applications should be viewed particularly favourably due to:

  • Government continued support for GSHP technology in the form of the NDRHI;
  • Low lifetime ownership costs;
  • Energy bill savings of 30-50%;
  • Energy efficiency – 10 to 14 point SAP improvements;
  • Kensa’s proven track record for delivery on time and on budget.
View the WHF criteria

Bid timetable

The WHF Round 1 application window opened on the 7th August 2017 and closed on the 8th September 2017. Successful bidders will be notified during October 2017 with contract discussions taking place during November 2017.

For rounds 2 and 3 the timetable is listed below:

Bid Window Evaluation Contracting

Round 2

27th November 2017 –  9thFebruary 2018 12th February 2018 – 9th March 2018 Notification –

w/c 19th March 2018.

Funds available 1 April 2018


Round 3 3 December 2018 – 8th February 2019 11th February 2019 – 8 March 2019 Notification –

w/c 18th March 2019

Funds available 1 April 2019