Ground Source Review: Charlestown School, Cornwall.

Located next to a busy railway line this school required an efficient heating and cooling system that could operate all year round.

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Ground Source Review: Charlestown School, Cornwall

The main driving force behind the decision to install a heat pump at this school was the need to reduce costs of the heating and air conditioning system. Charlestown’s school was built in the 1960’s and is next to a railway line. As a result of the associated noise and pollution, the windows in the building had to remain permanently closed and the air-conditioning had to operate all year round leading to high running costs.

The solution was to install an 80 kW ground source heating system which could provide cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. The heating/cooling is distributed into the school via an air ducted system. The ground source heat
pumps installed are connected to 10 boreholes which are placed within the adjacent playing fields.

The overall heating costs have been reduced by 75%.

Like all ground source heat pump installations, there are no fume or pollution emissions on site. Installation and running costs are lower than conventional separate heating and air conditioning systems.

Key Facts

  • Retrofit
  • School
  • 80kW Kensa Commercial Plantroom Heat Pump
  • 100% space heating and cooling
  • 10 boreholes in the playing field
  • Heating and cooling costs have been reduced by 75%