New build, open loop

Ground Source Review: New build, open loop - Interior of property

Ground Source Review: New build, open loop.

Kensa Heat Pumps manufactured a 16kW heat pump to supply space heating and domestic hot water to a new build property. With the property insulated to a very high standard and benefitting from underfloor heating, a heat pump was considered.

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Ground Source Review: New build, open loop

The client, who is an architect, was focussed on energy efficiency and when he found that a borehole was required to provide potable water supply to his new site, using the same supply to provide his heating and domestic hot water seemed like an ideal solution. A single 60m borehole was drilled adjacent to the property which comfortably provided the 48L/Min flow rate required for the 16kW heat pump specified. To protect the heat pump from any possible freezing, sediment build up or corrosion, the heat pump and water source are separated by an intermediate plate heat exchanger as shown in the schematic.

The heat exchanger makes the annual servicing requirement far more straightforward as it can be simply isolated and maintained. In open loop systems, water is abstracted directly from boreholes, rivers, lakes, ponds or even the sea and used as the heat source for a heat pump. Open loop systems (depending on the type) can be cheaper to install than other types of heat pumps as there is no requirement for digging trenches. Also due to the higher constant temperature of the water source efficiencies are slightly higher.

Key Facts

  • New build
  • 16kW Kensa Twin Compact ground source heat pump
  • Open loop borehole