Case study: New build, 3 storey

This distinctive 3 storey new build property enjoys year round heating and hot water thanks to a Kensa ground source heat pump and slinkies.

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Kensa manufactured a 6kW ground source heat pump to be installed into a new build 3 storey property approximately 180 square metres in size.

The property has underfloor heating throughout and the ground source heat pump provides space heating and domestic hot water.

Slinky pipes were laid underground in the garden and extract the energy in the ground to power the heat pump.

The initial project objectives of installing a ground source heat pump have been achieved and I am delighted with the low running costs, which are being improved by running the unit using an off peak tariff.

Key Facts

  • New build
  • 6kW Kensa Single Compact Heat Pump
  • 100% space heating and hot water
  • Slinky ground array