Ground source heat pumps with radiators

Kensa Heat Pumps has released a blog and factsheet for installers containing top tips for proactive maintenance of ground source systems.

Mike Elliott, Kensa Technical Support Engineer, says:

One of the unique benefits of ground source heat pumps is their minimal maintenance requirements and long life expectancy. However, it is still advisable that the whole heating distribution system is checked at least on an annual basis to ensure optimum performance when colder weather is on the horizon.”

The blog and accompanying factsheet outline how to perform basic checks on a heating distribution system; tips for inspecting renewable energy collectors i.e. slinkies, boreholes and pond mats; and specific information on the maintenance of open loop systems.

The popular blog post was released to coincide with the onset of colder weather when many people are switching on their heating systems. Customers have found the information so useful that Kensa subsequently created an accompanying factsheet as a downloadable guide.

These new resources form part of Kensa’s extensive Knowledge Hub – the largest collection of information about ground source heat pumps online.

The blog and factsheet can be found at:

Kensa’s newly released Evo Series of ground source heat pumps makes life easier by performing some standard system maintenance checks automatically. 

Todd Whymark, Kensa Technical Support Engineer, says:

Kensa developed our own control board which is the brain of the new Evo heat pump. The custom built software provides live status updates and innovative diagnostics which permits the control board to pre-empt system irregularities using warning safety levels.”

A technical information sheet about the new Evo Series can be found here:

Kensa Heat Pumps has a dedicated Technical Support team that can help, advise and direct any pre-heating season enquiries about Kensa Heat Pump systems. They can be contacted on 0845 680 4328.

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