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British renewable heating manufacturer, Kensa Heat Pumps, has won the hearts of eco self builders and title of ‘Best Sustainable Technology or Product’ for the Kensa Evo Series at the Build It Awards.

Launched in Spring 2017, the Kensa Evo Series delivers 15% efficiency improvements on previous Kensa models, enabling end users to sustainably heat their home and cut energy usage and carbon emissions, whilst increasing earning potential through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI); a Government-scheme to reward renewable heating system owners with a guaranteed seven year income to off-set the initial cost compared to fossil-fuelled alternatives.

Hosted by Build It Magazine, the UK’s longest running self build magazine, the Build It Awards celebrate excellence in all areas of self build and renovation, including completed homes, products, services and suppliers.

To celebrate the Evo’s award-winning status Kensa has released a short film introducing the Evo Series’ technological advancements, available to watch here:

Guy Cashmore, co-founder and Technical Director of Kensa Heat Pumps comments:

In designing the Evo we set out to deliver a worthy successor to our best-selling Compact series. We listened to our customers, both installers and end users, whose feedback fed directly into the evolution of the new Evo. We are thrilled that this collaboration has led to an award from those who we designed the Evo for – sustainable self builders and renovators.

Keen to provide transparency of the Evo’s ERP A++ rated efficiency and performance, Kensa overcame many design challenges, as Guy explains:

Getting the very best efficiency out of any heat pump system requires careful setting up and usage, but how do you truly know if making a change has made things better? Kensa’s Evo Series features an industry first ‘live’ Coefficient of Performance (CoP) readout that comes directly from the operating conditions, allowing real-time status readings from the heat pump.

The customer interface on the Evo is an intuitive touch screen. According to James Standley, Operations Director:

All ‘off-the-shelf’ controllers failed to deliver all the functionality demanded by our specification, so we designed a bespoke control unit; the first of its kind dedicated for ground source heat pumps. The custom built software also permits the control board to pre-empt system irregularities. This pro-active system will ultimately reduce costs and call outs and enable better diagnostics and system resolution.

With one single cross head screw to access the Evo’s electrical and wiring components, four rear water connections ensuring compatibility with push fittings, and curved cut-outs to enable on-site flexibility with vertical and horizontal pipework exit points from the sides and top of the unit, the Evo has been designed for ease of installation as well as ease of use.

According to Simon Lomax, Managing Director:

Installers of the Evo series will be guaranteed a stress-free experience and the system owner will benefit from enhanced RHI payments thanks to the exceptional efficiency.

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