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The world’s smallest & quietest ground source heat pump


  • The multi award-winning Kensa Shoebox Heat Pump embodies the most advanced ground source technology in the most compact of packages.
  • Comfortably installed inside the home.
  • The perfect space-saving solution for smaller properties.
  • Exceptional acoustic design and insulation for quiet operation.
  • Provides both space heating & hot water.
  • Produce temperatures up to 65°C.
  • The perfect pair for micro district heat networks with no need to split-bills as each Shoebox offers independent heat and billing.
  • Revolutionises heating specification in flats, achieving carbon reduction & SAP targets, and reducing fuel poverty.
  • Dimensions (mm) – 530 x 475 x 370 (3kW)

Ideal for:

New build and retrofit district heat networks in flats and smaller or super-efficient houses.ErP logo v3


  • 3kW and 6kW models meet modest heat demands.
  • Produces temperatures up to 65°C.


  • High specification acoustic hoods and single vibration isolation reduce noise and vibration (47dB – 52dB).


  • Designed to be installed inside the home, typically a kitchen or airing cupboard.
  • 22mm valved connections on top of the heat pump with flexible pipes.

Power saving

  • DNO friendly low starting current as standard.
  • Two temperature set points (one for heating, one for domestic hot water) produce the required heat at the highest efficiency without the need for costly direct immersion heaters.
  • Weather compensation fitted as standard.


  • Tecumseh reciprocal compressor.
  • In-built integral ground side pump.
  • In-built sensors and probes to enable remote commissioning.  


  • 5 year warranty for the heat pump unit.
  • 2 year warranty for the controller and water pumps.
  • 2 year internals warranty.


  • MCS
  • ISO9001
  • Product Innovation of the Year, National Heat Pump Awards 2013
  • Business Innovation of the Year, South West Green Energy Awards 2013

Shoebox 3 - 6kW Technical Specifications

Nominal thermal kW rating36
Part NumberS3-P0KS6-P0K
MCS ApprovedBBA0055/31BBA0055/35
Performance data - rated heating output at B0/W35 BS EN14511
Power consumption0.8kW1.6kW
Co-efficient of Performance*4.053.84
ErP rating (based on Average Climate) @ 35°CA+A+
ErP rating (based on Average Climate) @ 55°CA+A+
Immersion heater outputKensa heat pumps do not feature back-up electric immersion heaters**
Brine (primary): Based on 0°C in / -4°C
Design flow rate kg/min11.9524.05
Pressure drop kPa at design flow rate2.321.53
Max inlet temperature °C15
Min temperature °C (outlet)-5 (at standard settings)
Heating water (secondary): Based on 30°C in / 35°C out
Design flow rate l/min8.6216.88
Pressure drop kPa at design flow rate1.00.64
Max flow temperature °C***65
Electrical values at B0/W35
Rated voltage220 - 240V / 50 - 60 Hz
Power supply rating amps1325
Rated current (max) amps714
Typical running current at B0/W35 amps48
Starting current amps3034
Refrigerant circuit
Process mediumR134a
Fill volume kg0.71.6
Compressor typeReciprocal
H X W X L (mm)530 x 475 x 370560 x 605 x 565
Nominal weight kg60100
Operating pressure
Brine circuit min (primary) bar g0.3
Heating water circuit min (secondary) bar g0.6
Low pressure reset bar g1.8
Connection sizes
Primary IN and OUT (speedfit) mm3/4" BSP Parallel with 22mm adaptor valves
Heating flow and return (speedfit) mm3/4" BSP Parallel with 22mm adaptor valves
Sound Power Level
Sound Power Level (dB)4752

* The COP figure quoted is calculated as per EN14511.

** In-built immersion heaters will increase running costs and CO2 emissions as they use direct electricity, because of this
Kensa heat pumps do not include them.

*** By increasing the flow temperature from the heat pump the efficiency of the unit will drop and the COP decreases.

Note: Design flow rates are for a ground temperature of 0°C and –4°C and a load temperature of 30°C and 35°C.

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