Site construction begins on Cornish fruit farm - Mitchell Fruit Garden

Coastline Housing’s new-build development forming part of an existing fruit farm in Cornwall will soon see more than fruit coming out of the ground, it will also be extracting heat.

26 affordable houses and flats are to be built on and in harmony with the family run Mitchell Fruit Garden situated in Mitchell, Newquay. Sharing a series of borehole ground loops each home will be heated by individual Kensa Shoebox ground source heat pumps.

Installed by our sister-company Kensa Contracting the low carbon, energy efficient heating system will be eligible for the government’s non-domestic renewable heating incentive (RHI), giving Coastline Housing valuable extra income over the next 20 years.

George Gillow, Business Development Manager for Kensa Contracting and Amy Jenkin, Development Manager at Coastline Housing, comment…


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