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The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) sponsored BetaTalk podcast series presented by international speaker and energy lecturer, Nathan Gambling, recently met with Kensa Heat Pumps to host a dedicated two-part renewable energy podcast.

Listen to the first Podcast here

Darren Veal, Technical Sales Support & Commissioning Engineer, and Ally Cook, MCS Compliance Coordinator, were accompanied by heat pump specialist William Johnson and regular BetaTalk guests BTSE Heating and Renewable Heat to discuss renewable energy and the future of heat for the UK, with a particular focus on the role and impact of ground source heat pumps.

The dedicated renewable energy podcast explores a number of topics, including:

How a ground source heat pump works;

Think of it like a fridge in reverse.

How to size the ground array correctly;

Always start with the property needs, and think about the recovery time.

Training, and how gas installers can up-skill to heat pumps;

At Kensa we see training as being as big a part of company growth as anything else.

District heating and heat pumps in flats;

This is the perfect solution for housing associations to meet net zero carbon targets in housing.

Shared Ground Loop Arrays with Kensa Shoebox heat pumps versus heat interface units (HIUs);

Heat pumps are just a lot simpler.

Have you got any Shoebox’s I can put in my van on the way home?!

Load shifting and perceived pressure on the electricity grid;

The amount of electricity needed to drive these heat pumps is a lot less than people are perceiving.

The role of nuclear;

Distributed energy is more democratic. Unlike nuclear, you can’t just pull the plug. Everyone has a say in it.

Nuclear is the waste of a dead planet, and if we use it that is what we are going to create – a dead planet.

The role of hydrogen.

It is a red herring.

It is a distraction.

The first part of the podcast double-bill is available to listen to here.

Listen to the first Podcast here

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