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Take a permanent holiday from heating bills – and get paid for it!


Owners and operators of holiday parks featuring luxury lodges, log cabins and chalets could be saving thousands in energy costs and generating a profitable additional income stream by adopting renewable heating options.

With increasing numbers of British holiday makers opting to enjoy their holidays in the UK, the luxury holiday lodge, log cabin and chalet sector is allowing holiday parks in turn to extend their opening seasons with more comfortable, fully heated accommodation.

With many parks being without access to mains gas, park owners are often limited to more expensive energy sources such as electricity or LPG to heat their accommodation and other site buildings.

Following the Government’s recent announcement to extend funding support for renewable heat to 2021, Kensa Heat Pumps are urging holiday park owners to consider ground source heat pumps as a more affordable and environmentally friendly alternative. The company’s range of mini “Shoebox” heat pumps are designed to be installed inside each lodge, to provide cost effective and profitable heating and hot water solutions. Thanks to the generous income stream from the heat they produce paid for through the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive scheme, there is a profitable business opportunity that park owners will undoubtedly find attractive.

The Renewable Heat Incentive is a Government funded scheme which rewards the owners of renewable heating systems for the green energy produce through a 20 year income stream.  Open to new applications until 2021, holiday park owners can invest in confidence.

Kensa says:

A typical holiday lodge with availability to rent all year round might expect to generate over £13,000 in RHI income over the 20 year lifetime, while actually the cost to run the heat pump itself is less than half the cost of the associated RHI income (per kilowatt hour), meaning park operators can cost effectively keep lodges warm even when unoccupied, helping to mitigate problems with damp and providing a warm welcome for the next set of guests.

Ideal for groups of either existing or new lodges, ground source heat pumps extract renewable energy from either the ground or local water sources (such as ponds, lakes and rivers).  They are powered by electricity so are particularly well-suited where there is no access to mains gas; and as a cleaner, safer, more affordable alternative to LPG they are able to produce 3-4 times more heat than the energy they consume, effectively making them 300%-400% efficient.

Kensa says:

We have seen a marked increase in enquiries from the leisure sector in the past six months, with holiday park owners looking to reduce reliance on LPG, oil and electric to heat their accommodation in order to reduce energy costs and improve the environmental credentials of their businesses.

The savings, together with the attractive income that can be generated through the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive scheme now makes ground source heat pumps an especially compelling option, especially when matched with Kensa’s small, quiet, British made “Shoebox” models, which are designed specifically for use in small properties.

As a result of their efficiency compared to conventional heating options, ground source heat pumps are capable of reducing heating and hot water costs by over 50% compared to electric heating and around 35% compared to LPG, while also more than halving CO2 emissions compared to LPG.

The ground and sources of water absorb solar energy, like batteries, which are constantly, naturally replenished. Ground source heat pumps can absorb this heat using a variety of discreet methods, most commonly either a vertical borehole drilled adjacent to each lodge, or alternatively pipework submerged in a pond or lake.  And with each installation taking no more than 1 or 2 days per lodge, disruption levels will be surprisingly low impact and with far less visible impact once complete than you might imagine.

With energy costs and environmental sustainability remaining important issues for any business, especially those in the leisure sector, holiday park owners operating their parks over the autumn, winter and early spring would do well to consider the profitable opportunities of renewable, ground source heating for their holiday lodge portfolio.


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