Case study: Renovated barn, Powys

This property in Powys was was once an old stable but thanks to a new Kensa ground source heat pump it has now been converted into a well insulated and comfortable dwelling,

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Kensa provided a 4kW single phase compact ground source heat pump to a new build and part refurbishment project in Powys. The property was once an old stable but has now been converted into well insulated and comfortable dwelling, where The Jenkinsons are now living. The property consists of a single storey, extremely well insulated timber-frame, arranged in an L shape. There is underfloor heating throughout the property and the building has been designed to be controllable and easy to heat.

The objective of this project was to provide a modern, clean heating system, always able to keep the space at a comfortable temperature but costing as little as possible to run. The Jenkinsons are extremely satisfied with the Kensa system and were impressed with the support provided by Kensa and Gwres Glas – Green Heat, the installation partner for Kensa.

The Jenkinsons would recommend Kensa Engineering as a ground source heat pump manufacturer and are delighted that their current annual energy bill is working out at around £700 per year for space heating, provided by the heat pump, an immersion element for some of the domestic hot water (most of it comes from solar panels) and all the usual appliances within the property.

Key Facts

  • Extended ‘L’ Shaped Part New Build and Part Refurbishment project
  • 4kW Kensa Single Compact Heat Pump
  • 100% space heating
  • Slinky ground array