The Shoebox Heat Pump

The Kensa Shoebox Heat pump is a small, extremely quiet, MCS-accredited and British-made ground source heat pump specifically designed to provide both space heating and domestic hot water in new build and retrofit properties which require a load of 3kW to 6kW.

This video showcases the Shoebox heat pump, the world’s smallest and quietest ground source heat pump; the perfect pair for district heating schemes featuring Kensa’s innovative Shared Ground Loop Array design.

Benefiting from Kensa’s award winning engineering ingenuity, the Shoebox created a new category of ground source heat pump, spearheading the mainstream adoption of renewable heating in the residential sector.

About the Shoebox ground source heat pump:

  • Install inside the home
  • Unique space saving solution
  • Exceptional acoustic design and insulation for quiet operation
  • Delivers 100% of heating and hot water needs
  • ErP A+ efficiency rating
  • Hassle-free connection to the electricity grid (ENA Connect & Notify approved)
  • Low running costs and zero carbon emissions and air pollution
  • The Shoebox ground source heat pump is ideal for shared ground loop array heat networks with flats and smaller houses.

For more information on the Shoebox Series click here.


The Shoebox is the perfect pair for projects featuring multiple units. Shared ground loop arrays link to individual Shoebox heat pumps, located inside each dwelling. Shoebox heat pumps and shared ground loop arrays, qualify for the non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), providing 20 years of RHI payments. Each property’s Shoebox heat pump is connected to its own heating system and electric supply. This allows individual occupy control, to independently manage their own heating and hot water system, and freedom to switch energy providers. When heat is required, an integral pump inside the Shoebox, triggers the movement of fluid around the ground array, providing the energy source for the property. The Shoebox works like a conventional ground source heat pump. It extracts large volumes of low-grade heat from the ground, and upgrades this heat using a compressor circuit, to provide sustainable space heating for radiators and underfloor heating, and reliable hot water at 65 degrees celsius. 100% of a property’s heating and hot water can be provided with the Shoebox heat pump.

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