This section provides details of an example project featuring a cascaded ground source heat pump system fed by a slinky ground array.

We have provided schematic drawings, example costs and a real-life case study to showcase how a cascaded ground source heat pump system architecture designed by Kensa can effectively meet a high commercial heating and hot water load.

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Schematic drawing*

*For illustrative purposes only

Costed example

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Case study: Hornsea Garden Centre

Hornsea Garden Centre near Hull has three Kensa Plantroom heat pumps installed in a cascaded system to provide heating and hot water to a large new-build extension with 30,000 sq ft of retail space and a café kitchen.

Key facts:

  • New-build extension providing 30,000 sq ft of retail space;
  • Main building upgraded to underfloor heating;
  • Cascaded Plantroom system;
  • 2x 45kW Plantroom Heat Pump providing space heating;
  • 1x 25kW High Temperature Twin Compact Heat Pump providing hot water;
  • 24x 50m slinkies located under nearby field;
  • System contains 7250 litres of water and 1450 litres of antifreeze.
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