This section provides details of an example project featuring a cascaded ground source heat pump system fed by a slinky ground array.

We have provided a ground source heat pump design with schematic drawings, ground source heat pump installation costs and a real-life case study and ground source heat pump reviews to showcase how a cascaded ground source heat pump system architecture fed by slinkies can effectively meet a high commercial heating and hot water load.

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Schematic drawing*

*For illustrative purposes only

Costed example

System architectureCascaded central plant
Total heat pump capacity120kW
Equipment type3x 45kW Plant Rooms
Design conditions0/50°C
Potable DHW tempSpace heating only
Integral immersion heatersNo (DNO friendly)
Ground array typeSlinkies
Slinkies requiredx24, plus header pipework
Land area required6000sq/m
*A cost range is depicted here as every project is different and can contain more design features than shown in this example **Installation costs for external kit only (costs to install internals equivalent to a traditional system) ***NDRHI is a 20 year index linked funding stream which assumes inflation at 3% ****Based on electric at 15p/kW/hr and COP of 3 *****Based on LPG at 40p litre and 85% efficiency

Case study

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