Example: Multiple Dwellings

Where there are multiple dwellings on one site all requiring heating and hot water, a micro-district ground source heat pump system architecture can be utilised to provide a low cost and ultra-efficient heating solution.

A micro-district ground source heat pump system features individual heat pumps in each dwelling, all fed from the same central ground array. This ground array can be made up of either coiled pipe known as slinkiesboreholes or pond mats, and it is sized to deal with the peak heat demand of all the dwellings combined.

District solutions for homeowners and self builders

Costed examples for water source

Have you got a pond or stream in your garden whose heat you can harness for a ground source heat pump?

Water is an excellent conductor of heat and therefore water source ground source heat pump systems are extremely energy efficient.

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Costed example for slinkies

If your property contains fields or paddocks, then slinkies would be a viable option for a ground source installation.

Slinkies are the name given to coiled pipe buried in trenches at a depth of 1-2m where the ground temperature remains constant all year round

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Costed example for boreholes

If your home is in a urban area with limited exposed land or a small garden, then boreholes might be a viable option.

Boreholes can usually be drilled into any type of ground and are a perfect space-saving solution, as the depth of the hole(s) is varied to suit the heat requirement.

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Which RHI is right for me?

This scenario features multiple domestic dwellings with a micro district ground source heat pump system on a shared ground array.

This set up would be eligible for quarterly index-linked payments from the Non Domestic RHI for 20 years.

Don’t think this RHI scenario applies to you? Click here for other options.

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If you or your own preferred installer will be undertaking the installation, Kensa’s MCS Umbrella Service offers full MCS compliance for those who are not yet MCS accredited, or simply require design support.

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