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Perfect for both existing & new build properties.

Holiday lodges and chalets are an ideal match with Kensa’s ultra-small, ultra-quiet Shoebox ground source heat pump.

To heat your properties a Kensa’s Shoebox ground source heat pump located within each of your units will harvest heat energy from the ground or sources of water – or both, providing independent heat and hot water to each property.

And as the UK’s experts in the manufacture and the installation of ground source heat pumps, you are in safe hands with Kensa Heat Pumps.

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Use our interactive diagram below by hovering over the graphic to discover more about ground source heat pump options for your holiday park.

Ground source heat pumps offer flexible and scalable solutions, extracting the FREE energy stored underground or in lakes and rivers.  Where lodges are close together they can share a ‘ground array’ and ‘heat source’, alternatively single lodges can simply have their own.

Discover more about the many ways you can access free heat and money with a Kensa ground source heat pump – hover over the below diagram:


Heat your pool, too!

Does your site have communal washing facilities? Perhaps a swimming pool or a hot tub? A ground source heat pump can provide guaranteed, affordable and sustainable hot water for these, too!

But what about…

Ground source heat pumps are ideal for holiday parks, but if you are still yet to be convinced, let us reassure you on some key points that may concern you:

No damage to the ground

Ground source heat pumps are buried or submerged in water, your guests won’t know they’re there – but they will last there for 100 years!

No disruption

Ground source heat pumps take just 2-3 days to be installed, and can be staggered to suit you

No high costs

The average cost per holiday park dwelling is just £10,000 – £13,000 – you will get this back typically in just 8 – 10 years through a guaranteed 20 year income for the lifetime of the heat pump.

No saving uncertainties

Ground source heat pumps operate all year round and are meticulously sized to deliver all of your heat and hot water needs, so you can be sure of the system’s performance 365 days a year.

No income uncertainties

The amount you make through the RHI is based on actual metered heat produced by your ground source heat pump, so if your site requires heat and hot water all year round, you can be sure of a guaranteed RHI income all year round.

We dig to your tune

We know that for you time is money. And that it is important that your site is not disturbed or disrupted for any lengths of time.

This is why Kensa ground source heat pumps can be installed in just a matter of days, and can be done in stages that suit your schedule.

So your site can be up and running, with renewable heat and hot water, and generating you a guaranteed RHI income, in no time!

How we will support your project

Free site survey

The Kensa technical team will conduct a site survey to assess your requirements in order to provide you with a comprehensive quotation. This involves initial geological surveys, site reviews and financial modelling around typical costs and returns.

Full design package

Including full heat load calculations (to EN12831) and geological reports, for compliance with Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) standards to ensure eligibility for the Non Domestic RHI.

Contract management

Kensa Contracting engages directly with your organisation or main contractor and takes responsibility for the appointment and management of all sub-contractors, including drillers, ground workers, plumbers and electricians.

Where possible we will work with the appointed plumbing and heating contractor to ensure the smooth integration of the heat pump installation and the internal heating systems.

Commissioning and hand over

Kensa Contracting remains involved directly until the project is completed. We also ensure that adequate responsive after sales provision is in place, training your preferred responsive maintenance contractor on the use and potential fault diagnosis of our systems.

RHI applications

Once installation is complete and MCS certified, part of our role is to support you with your application for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) with Ofgem.

Warranty and after sales support

Our technical team remain on hand to support you and your maintenance contractors for as long as you need us. All of our products come with a 5 year warranty for your peace of mind.

Living where we do, surrounded by rolling Welsh hills, we are very conscious that our luxury holiday accommodation should strive towards being eco-friendly. To do this we decided we wanted a heating system that paired technological innovation with natural resources. It is also very important for our guests to be comfortable during their stay with access to a constant supply of heating and hot water.

Mr Phillips, owner of Secret Yurts

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