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Future proof your new build housing stock

Future proof your new build social housing stock with district ground source heating to reduce CO₂ emissions, lower tenant running costs & access the RHI grant.

Government policy driving new build social housing developments, coupled with increasingly stringent Building Regulations on environmental standards and energy efficiency mean that low carbon forms of heating are becoming a standard requirement.

Developments in rural or off gas grid areas featuring Kensa ground source heat pumps benefit from reduced CO2 emissions and improved carbon compliance compared to traditional fuels.

Unlike other renewable heating technologies, ground source heat pumps do not require planning permission regarding noise emissions.

Equally, in gas connected areas ground source heat pumps provide a carbon compliance solution without the need for supplementary carbon saving measures, such as solar PV.

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Benefits of ground source in new build social housing

Kensa’s innovative new approach to new build social housing developments now allows social landlords to specify ground source heat pumps and benefit from:

Micro heat networks

There is currently a substantial under supply of homes in the UK, with Government plans to increase the number of newly constructed homes over the coming years.  Increasingly, Building Regulations are requiring more energy efficient homes with lower CO2 emissions than ever before.

Ground source heat pumps are a proven, efficient way of reducing CO2 emissions from new homes, while bringing the added benefit of extremely low tenant running costs at the same time.  And because they only require an electricity supply, they are an ideal choice where gas is not available.

Better still, through Kensa’s innovative micro heat network architecture, (also known as micro district heating), multiple properties – each fitted with an individual ground source heat pump – are linked to a communal ground array.This enables landlords to receive a 20 year income through the Renewable Heat Incentive. Importantly, this is only possible through the Non Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), which supports residential district heating systems, as the Domestic RHI stream does not support new builds.

It has also been confirmed that social landlords can receive the RHI even if in receipt of an HCA funding grant.

And as there is no central heat generation, Kensa’s micro heat network system architecture negates compliance with the Heat Networks (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014.


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Dig deeper to find out how a Kensa micro heat network system is:

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I’d recommend a ground source heat pump to anybody, and it’s not just me talking – my neighbours have all been terrifically pleased with it.


At Bromford, we’re keen to engage with businesses that deliver innovative products and services that provide efficient and eco-friendly affordable warmth solutions for our customers. Ground source heat pump technology ticks that box in areas where there is no mains gas provision

Mr Fowler, Director of Financial Reporting at Bromford Housing Association

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