The Shoebox series of ground source heat pumps is the first of its kind, permitting the installation of a ground source heat pump inside a dwelling.

The Shoebox

Kensa Shoebox ground source heat pumps are perfect for Shared Ground Loop Arrays, providing independent heat & hot water control.


The smaller 3kW model is ultra-small and ultra-quiet and is suitable for smaller homes up to 75m2. The 6kW model is suitable for larger properties.

Shoebox models

Developed with Shared Ground Loop Arrays in mind, the unique 3kW Shoebox heat pump works in all new build developments, where the excellent fabric insulation and air tightness specifications means the peak heating load is very modest.

Kensa’s Shoebox Twin (6kW) heat pump suits retrofit developments where the build condition may demand a higher peak heating load compared to newer builds.

Flats & Apartments

Before the launch of Kensa’s Shoebox heat pump, multi-occupancy developments were unable to benefit from ground source technology due to sizing and specification issues. The Shoebox introduces a new opportunity for social housing providers looking to develop multi-occupancy dwellings, to benefit from a renewable technology that provides immediate and long term savings.

The perfect pairing

Kensa’s pioneering ambient-temperature Shared Ground Loop Arrays provide unique access to the Non-Domestic RHI, providing returns for Housing Association’s over 20 years.

When used with the Kensa Shoebox heat pump, the heat network system removes common issues of district schemes:

  • Individual heating and control;
  • No need for a separate plantroom;
  • No need to split bills;
  • No heat losses in pipework, improving the system efficiency;
  • Exempt from the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014.


Historically heat network systems were viewed as problematic with respect to split-bill issues and varying heat demands.

The introduction of the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014 placed even more pressure and compliance on Housing Associations.

Kensa identified and recognised this dilemma and developed a new system architecture compatible with the Kensa Shoebox series; the award-winning pairing is now known as ambient-temperature Shared Ground Loop Arrays.

The Evo

For larger properties, Kensa’s Evo Series is available in 7-13kW and provides heating and hot water to 60°C. The Evo offers a 15% gain in efficiency over the previous Compact series, further minimising running costs and maximising income via the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Although quiet enough to be installed indoors, in properties with limited space the Evo can be sited externally. Kensa can provide enclosures manufactured from recycled plastic to protect the units from the elements whilst providing easy access for engineers.

The objective of undertaking the installation of ground source heat pump systems in our homes is to give our tenants control over their heating, reduce their energy costs and invest in modern low carbon technology to reduce our carbon footprint. Feedback from our tenants has confirmed that this has been achieved as they now have control over their heating using the system to deliver better comfort levels at a reduced cost.

Bryan Powell, Shropshire Rural Housing Association

Social housing tenants in East Staffordshire are saving hundreds of pounds on their energy bills thanks to Trent & Dove’s innovative project, in partnership with Kensa. It’s great to see Trent & Dove putting the consumer at the heart of their plans, leading the way for others to follow

Lord Bourne, Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Department for Communities and Local Government)

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