Support the training you provide and demonstrate the best in British-made low carbon technology with specialist ground source heat pump training units and courses, provided by Kensa Heat Pumps, the UKs confirmed No. 1 heat pump manufacturer and supplier.

Training & Demonstration Solutions

Kensa provides specialist ground source heat pump training units and courses for installers and businesses, demonstrating how a heat pump works.

Used by training facilities and businesses for students & building professionals looking to progress into the renewables field or already practising in the sector.

Use as a progressive teaching tool to deliver course learning objectives:

  • Heat pump components
  • Operating principles
  • Heat pump design
  • Heat sink & collector
  • Inspection, service & maintenance
  • Fault diagnosis & rectification

Training Support

Kensa’s demonstration unit is widely used in colleges and renewable energy training facilities.

Explore Kensa’s full range of training kit and support:

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Demonstration ground source heat pump unit

Kensa has run bespoke training courses for our staff which have been very useful.

Luke Reed Operations Manager, Total Renewable Solutions

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