Kensa ground source heat pumps are rated up to ErP A++. Discover more about the Energy-related Products (ErP) directive here.

All Kensa’s ground source heat pumps display labels showing their energy efficiency performance under the ErP (Energy-related products) directive.

ErP stands for ‘Energy-related products’. From the 26th September 2015 under EU regulations ground source heat pumps (as well as air source heat pumps, boilers and water heaters) are required by law to have labels to show their energy performance as an individual product and when part of an overall heating system.

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Many of us will be familiar with this idea for other home appliances such as fridges, cookers, and televisions.

ErP means that you can now easily see how efficient your ground source heat pump system will be compared to other manufacturers in a clear, familiar and understandable way, allowing you to make an informed judgement and select the best equipment to maximise the efficiency of your heating system.

ErP system ratings

All ErP compliant products (including all of those manufactured by Kensa Heat Pumps) must display an ErP product label which indicates the product’s ErP rating.

When installed, the ground source heat pump and the components making up the total heating system (i.e. heating controls, and if used solar thermal and a supplementary boiler etc) will be given a ‘package’ label which confirms the whole packages ErP rating.

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Alongside these labels, customers of ground source heat pump systems will also be provided with two technical documents called fiches (a product fiche and a package fiche).

The MCS installer of your ground source heat pump system will use a system seasonal coefficient of performance (SSCOP) figure, which is based on the ErP testing, to calculate your RHI payments.

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