How does an open loop borehole work in an aquifer?

Open loop borehole aquifer ground source heat pump installations transfer water from one location to another, extracting heat energy in the process.

As per all open loop system collectors, no anti-freeze fluid is featured in open loop borehole aquifer installations. In open loop borehole aquifers two separate boreholes are utilised; water from the aquifer heat source is abstracted and filtered through the heat pump via the first borehole. This water is then discharged either back to another section of the same aquifer, a separate aquifer, or another acceptable discharge area via the second borehole.

Consideration needs to be taken with regards to corrosion issues, filtration, extraction and possible freezing within the heat exchanger. It is also important to consider the electrical energy required to pump the water to the ground source heat pump.

Things to consider

If you are considering an open loop borehole for your ground source heat pump system, there are a number of points which need to be taken into consideration:

  • Seek relevant permissions from the Environment Agency
  • Consider the design of any scheme to ensure its longevity and efficient performance
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