What is a sea water pond mat?

Sea water ‘pond mats’ feature slinky pipe attached to corrosion resistant stainless steel frames which are sunk to the bottom of the water source or secured underneath a floating pontoon.

As with all closed loop systems, the principle of a closed loop pond mat is that at no point does the fluid in the pond mat collector leave the system, it is continually cycled through the closed system.

Closed loop versus open water

The benefit of using a closed loop water system over an open loop water system includes a reduced risk of freezing within the ground source heat pump and reduced maintenance, as there is no need for any filtration units.

Sea water pond mats in brief:

  • Kensa pond mats are specifically designed to ease installation while maximising the energy absorbed from the water.
  • Approx 300m of pipe is secured to a corrosion resistant stainless steel frame which can be weighted and sunk to the bottom of the water source or attached to the underneath of a floating pontoon.
  • The ideal water source has a constant water flow into and out of it, which means the energy held within the water is continually replenished.
  • Each pond mat will extract approx 7kW of energy from the water source.
  • Safe food grade glycol and water mix is circulated around the pond mats.
  • The water source has to be sufficiently deep to avoid freezing around the pond mat and to avoid any damage from potential boat traffic.