UN man standingBecome a Kensa Installer Partner – join our Underground Network

We are passionate about ground source heat pumps, and we want you and the nation to be too! Here is how you can get involved…

Join our Underground Network today, our nationwide grid of ground source heat pump Installer Partners, and be a part of the underground movement; transforming our nation to self-sufficiency with the power of renewable heat energy delivered by ground source heat pumps.

Our Installer Partner’s are advocates of ground source technology, ambassadors of Kensa, and ground breakers of traditions. Supporting British engineering at its best, our Partners encourage and inspire the adoption of ground source heat pumps with the backing of Kensa – the UK’s largest supplier of ground source heat pumps, and our broad Underground Network spanning the length and breadth of Britain.

So join our Underground Network, support the growing underground movement that is the evolution of our heating infrastructure to ground source, and together we can transform the UK heating scene – Become a Kensa Partner today!

With the widest range of ground source heat pumps available in the UK, Kensa has the tools to help you and your customers fight for energy independence – and increase your business opportunities.

So gather your troops, assemble our tools, and let’s go to the (slinky) trenches.