Grants & Incentives

The Government has introduced the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and a number of grants to incentivise the adoption of ground source heat pumps in the UK.

What is the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)?

The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is intended for domestic applications of ground source heat pumps.

The Domestic RHI is designed for private self-builders and homeowners.

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In brief:

  • For domestic properties;
  • Retrofit and new build self-build;
  • Quarterly payments;
  • For 7 years;
  • At a rate of 20.46p/kWh of renewable heat generated;
  • Funding secure for new applications to 2022.

Free Domestic RHI Calculator

Find out how much money you can make and save when you install a Kensa ground source heat pump.

Using our simple-to-use Domestic RHI Calculator you can quickly see how much money in RHI payments you can expect to receive every year for 7 years.

You can also find out the size and price of the ground source heat pump recommended for your property.

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RHI Calculator for ground source heat pump cost and RHI payments

What is the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive?

The Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), also known as the Commercial RHI, deals mainly with commercial applications or ‘district’ heating schemes in domestic properties.

Significantly for the social housing and housebuilding sector, the Non-Domestic RHI is payable on ground source heat pumps connected to Shared Ground Loop Arrays in domestic applications, for example retrofitting a block of flats or individual houses.

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In brief:

  • For commercial applications and retrofit and new build properties (featuring Shared Ground Loop Arrays);
  • Quarterly payments;
  • For 20 years;
  • At a rate of 9.36p/kWh on the first 1314 hours of eligible energy produced, followed by 2.79p/kWh on any additional heat produced;
  • Funding secure for new applications to 2021.

Which Renewable Heat Incentive is right for me?

In this example a domestic property with outbuildings is linked to a single ground array feeding one ground source heat pump.

Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive - Domestic Ground Source Heat Pump Schematic

This scenario is eligible for the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive.

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In this example multiple domestic properties are linked to a Shared Ground Loop Array feeding separate ground source heat pumps.

Non Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive - District Heating Ground Source Heat Pump Schematic

This scenario is eligible for the Non Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive.

What is the ECO?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) places legal obligations on the larger energy suppliers to deliver energy efficiency measures to domestic energy users.

The amount of ECO funding awarded depends on the amount of carbon that will be saved.

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In brief:

Three streams under ECO:

  • Carbon Emissions Reduction Obligation
  • Community Obligation
  • Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation
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