Ground Source Heat Pumps for Commercial Buildings

From offices and holiday homes to schools and fire stations, Kensa’s heat pumps can heat and cool all kinds of commercial buildings.

Our long-lasting heat pumps give businesses the benefit of reduced overheads, plus a 20-year income from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). All by using free heat from the ground.

Ground source heat pumps with farms and agricultural businesses

What are the benefits of commercial ground source heat pumps?

Return on investment

MCS-accredited installations can apply for a guaranteed tax-free income from the Non-Domestic RHI– a quarterly income from the government that lasts 20 years.

Improved energy performance & eco-friendly credentials

Improve your property’s energy performance and BREEAM scores, and demonstrate your sustainability to stakeholders with a low-carbon heating system.

Reduced overheads

Save up to 50% on your energy bills with a ground source heat pump vs. a fossil fuelled system. As well as cutting repair and maintenance costs, Kensa’s heat pumps do not require annual servicing over their 20-year lifetime.

Reliable heating & hot water

Modular and flexible heat pump configurations ensure efficient heating at all times, no matter how big the heat demand – minimising system failures and business impact.

Cooling without the carbon

Kensa’s ground source heat pumps can provide passive cooling or active cooling to businesses, providing affordable and low-carbon cooling that is kinder to the environment and purse.

BMS compatible

By utilising Kensa’s modular commercial heat pumps, heating and cooling can be provided simultaneously to different parts of a building via a Building Management System (BMS).

Installation won’t disrupt your workflow

With the majority of the work completed outside, installing a ground source heat pump won’t disrupt your business commitments.

Diversification opportunities

For businesses looking to diversify, ground source heat pumps offer endless possibilities – from transforming former farm buildings into eco-friendly holiday lodges to utilising excess on-site electrical generation and delivering heat for new offshoot business ventures, such as drying or hydroponics.

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What types of commercial heat pumps suit businesses?

Kensa’s range of commercial heat pumps

From the our largest single phase model (24kW), to the smallest and quietest ground source heat pump on the market (3kW), to modular Commercial Plant Room systems providing infinite opportunities, Kensa has a ground source heat pump for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Commercial Plant Room Ground Source Heat Pump banner 2

Cascaded systems for high demands

A cascaded heat pump system is an affordable and reliable way to balance heating needs over the season, making it ideal for commercial buildings with fluctuating high heat demands.

Through multiple heat pumps, the system flexes between periods of minimum and maximum heat demand. For example, during the spring and summer when the need for heat is lower, only one heat pump is in operation – with subsequent heat pumps turning on in the colder months.

See our guide to cascaded systems

Heat pumps for offices

Ground source heat pumps attract and retain visitors, staff and tenants by creating comfortable and sustainable places to work. They deliver cooling to data rooms. They can even use waste heat from data centres to provide free heat, further enhancing the heat pump system’s efficiency and reducing your costs.

And to top it off, our MCS-accredited commercial heat pumps are eligible for a 20-year income through the RHI.

Commercial ground source heat pumps are more than capable of meeting the heat and hot water demands of offices. To aid energy efficiency and balance high heat demands, multiple heat pumps can be connected through a cascaded system.

See an office case study
Ground Source Review Orkney Islands, Warehouse Buildings Heat Pump 3

Heat pumps for public sector buildings

Schools, council buildings, fire stations and universities use commercial heat pumps to save on heating costs, energy consumption and carbon emissions.

As well as reducing the carbon footprint for future generations, using renewable energy sets a positive example in education.

Meanwhile, ground source heat pumps in public buildings help to achieve carbon reduction commitments and deliver heating and hot water without the risks of flammable gases or fuels.

See a council case study
Stakeford Depot & Riverside Centre ground source heat pump case study: cascaded commercial plant room heat pumps

Heat pumps for holiday accommodation

Ideal for new or existing holiday lodges, Kensa’s ground source heat pumps provide each property with a complete renewable heating and hot water system. They deliver 100% of the property’s needs all year round at a fraction of the cost of electric or LPG heating; common heating alternatives for such applications.

Download our guide to heat pumps for holiday accommodation

A heat pump provides the best heating for holiday homes because:

  • The RHI guarantees you an income all year round.
  • The ground source heat pump gives your holiday home an eco-friendly and sustainable selling point.
  • There’s no audible or visual pollution to spoil the scenery for guests.
  • There’s no need for fuel deliveries.
  • Minimal maintenance is required.
See a holiday let case study

Heat pumps for farms

There are many factors that have cemented the role of renewable ground source heating systems in future-proofing agricultural businesses. These include political and environmental pressures, the supply, cost, and phase out of fossil fuels, and complex biomass compliance requirements.

For many farming businesses, installing ground source heat pumps brings a wealth of diversification opportunities. Ground source is particularly suited to agricultural businesses with readily available land or water sources for ground arrays, whilst the land can still be used for crops or grazing.

Ground source heat pump systems can also be easily integrated with existing renewable technologies such as hydro, Solar PV and wind turbines, allowing business owners to direct any surplus heat into new business opportunities.

See a farm case study
Farm buildings with ground source heat pump

Why should businesses use commercial heat pumps?

Besides the cost-saving benefits, ground source heat pumps help businesses meet environmental obligations.

Kensa’s renewable heating systems comply with the Government’s net-zero target. This is an aim for industry and individuals to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions to net-zero by 2050. Accounting for 18% of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions, businesses have a significant part to play in achieving this target.¹

Ground source heat pumps not only allow British firms to meet this net-zero obligation but also to recoup investments through the RHI – providing owners and businesses with new commercial opportunities.

How much do ground source heat pumps for commercial buildings cost?

The cost of heat pumps in one commercial building

This example is based on three Kensa Plantroom ground source heat pumps providing heating and hot water, connected through a cascaded system and fed by a borehole ground array.

  • Pay £217,000 for the heat pump supply, design work and installation.
  • Earn £350,000 of income from the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).
  • Save £242,000 over 20 years compared to an equivalent LPG boiler system.

Cascaded Borehole System LKPD

For illustrative purposes only
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The cost of individual heat pumps in multiple commercial buildings

Kensa heat pumps inside multiple commercial buildings, holiday lodges or cottages can be linked through communal Shared Ground Loop Arrays. This attracts Non-Domestic RHI income for 20 years, as well as reducing installation costs and providing low-carbon and low-cost heat and hot water all year round.

Example 1

Four lodges with individual Evo heat pumps, linked to pond mat Shared Ground Loop Arrays:

  • Pay £52,000 for the heat pump supply, design work and installation.
  • Earn £170,000 of income from the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Micro District pond Mat System LKPD

For illustrative purposes only

Example 2

50 lodges with individual heat pumps linked to slinky pipe Shared Ground Loop Arrays:

  • Pay £285,000 for the heat pump supply, design work and installation.
  • Earn £710,000 with a 20-year income from Non-Domestic RHI.

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Example 3

103 holiday lodges with individual heat pumps linked to borehole Shared Ground Loop Arrays:

  • Pay £1,100,000 for the heat pump supply, design work and installation.
  • Earn £2,000,000 via the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive.
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Case studies for heat pumps in commercial buildings

Secret Yurts campsite in Wales

Terry and Tracey’s luxury yurts boasted underfloor heating, bathrooms, showers and hot tubs. The problem was, their oil-fired boiler was pricey and their remote location made fetching supplies a struggle.

By installing Kensa heat pumps into their farmhouse, holiday cottage and facilities block, Terry and Tracey reaped the advantages of cheaper bills and a nature-friendly selling point to attract even more visitors.

See the Secret Yurts case study
Secret Yurts Glamping Wales

Hornsea Garden Centre in Hull

Already at one with nature, Hornsea Garden Centre was the perfect match for commercial heat pumps. As part of their renovation project, owners Charles and Robert Stubbs incorporated two commercial heat pumps to feed the centre’s high heat demands.

While Robert and Charles gain a 20-year income from the Non-Domestic RHI, they’re expected to make back triple the amount they spent on the heat pumps. Their business continues to feel the benefits of quick, efficient and affordable warmth.

See Hornsea’s case study

I found that Kensa's expertise, knowledge and customer support simply couldn’t be matched by other companies.”

Elaine Robinson, Business Owner


  1. Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, 2019 UK greenhouse gas emissions

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