Ground Source Heat Pump Products

Kensa has an award-winning range of MCS-accredited ground source heat pumps for sale. Enjoy affordable heating, hot water and cooling with systems that are perfect for UK buildings of all shapes and sizes – from offices and new-build developments to tower blocks and self-builds.

Original Shoebox Ground Source Heat Pump

Fitting into the smallest of spaces, this award-winning heat pump is the answer to sustainable, space-saving and affordable heating and hot water.

Ideal for: Flats, apartments, new builds and district heating schemes

Features: Quiet | Tiny | Revolutionises district heating

From: £4,450

Heat pumps for residential homes are eligible for 0% VAT.


New Shoebox NX Ground Source Heat Pump

The next generation of home heating and cooling; the NX is a compact powerhouse engineered to exceed compliance regulations.

Ideal for: Flats, apartments, new builds and networked heat pump schemes

Features: Efficient | Compact | Networked Heat Pumps

From: £6,495

Heat pumps for residential homes are eligible for 0% VAT.


Evo Ground Source Heat Pump

The Evo flaunts a clever system manager and A+++ rating in energy efficiency, lifting the weight of pricey bills and emissions off your shoulders.

Ideal for: Medium to large homes

Features: Highly efficient | Quiet | World-first ground source controller

From: £7,365

Heat pumps for residential homes are eligible for 0% VAT.

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Kensa Q Ground Source Heat Pump

The Kensa Q serves high heat demands for bigger businesses, giving you heating and hot water that’s easy on the bills.

Ideal for: Large or commercial buildings

Features: Caters for the highest heat demands | Compatible in a cascaded system

From: £28,500


Meet the Evo & Shoebox series

Kensa’s Technical Support & Commissioning Manager, Darren Veal, gives you a tip-top introduction to the extremely efficient Evo and the small-but-mighty Shoebox heat pump.

The Genesis System Manager

Specially designed for Kensa products, the Genesis is the world’s first controller dedicated to ground source heat pumps.

Its smart touchscreen operation allows for easy set-up, remote commissioning and live efficiency readings.

The Genesis is currently available in the Evo and Shoebox NX.

Explore the Genesis benefits

Ground Source Heat Pump Accessories

Take a look at the accessories that complement Kensa’s full suite of heat pumps for sale. Buy anything from slinky pipes to an extensive range of manifolds – all made to order and simple to install.


Kensa Ground Source Heat Pump Pre-Coiled Slinky Pipe

Compare ground source heat pumps


ShoeboxShoebox ProductShoebox NXShoebox NX ProductEvoEvo ground source heat pump product banner 1Kensa QCommercial Plant Room Ground Source Heat Pump banner 3
From: £4,450From: £6,495From: £7,365From: £28,500
3 - 6 kW5 kW7 - 17 kW87 kW
47 - 52 decibels51 decibels49 - 56 decibels68 - 71 decibels
Connect & Notify approvedConnect & Notify approvedConnect & Notify approved
A+ ErP ratingA+++ ErP ratingA+++ ErP ratingA+ ErP rating
All MCS approvedMCS approvedAll MCS approvedNot required as outside of scope
Genesis System ManagerGenesis System ManagerGenesis System Manager

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*Zero Rated VAT on Heat Pumps

You could be eligible for a 0% VAT rate for domestic purchases of heat pumps. 0% VAT is available to homeowners until 31st March 2027. Full details can be found here:

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How can Kensa be of service?

Besides our extensive range of heat pump products, we pride ourselves on our unrivalled technical support and services. All Kensa customers have access to our support to ensure seamless heat pump installations across the UK.

Our services include installation support, finding an installer, our MCS Umbrella service, and free heat pump training.

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Kensa are excellent; their equipment is competitively priced and is suitable for the British situation.

Richard Lea, Homeowner

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