Heat Pump Training Course

Learn from the UK’s leading ground source experts

Looking to become a ground source heat pump installer? Our free one-day course is ideal for installers who are new to ground source, upskilling or simply need a quick refresher.

If you’re already a Kensa installer and are looking to take advantage of our current lead times on heat pump products, please email enquiries@thekensagroup.com.

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Kensa Heat Pump Training

Why is heat pump training perfect for gas installers & plumbers?

Low-carbon demand

With more and more clients looking into renewable heating, plumbers and gas installers can upskill to become competent heat pump installers. The transition to becoming an expert heat pump installer is surprisingly straightforward, especially with the right training.

A simple installation process

Once the digging or drilling for heat collectors has been completed by groundwork specialists, a ground source heat pump installation should take no longer than fitting a gas boiler.

Unrivalled support

As Kensa ground source heat pumps feature a multitude of sensors, units can usually be commissioned remotely by a Kensa engineer over the telephone to reduce time and costs. We also provide highly-rated technical support.

Our team recently attended a ground source heat pump training session with Kensa. As market leaders, they really know what they are talking about and their technical knowledge is first class.

Jim Dowling- Oxford Renewables

What does heat pump training involve?

Kensa offers the best industry training possible, covering the specification, application, design and installation of a Kensa ground source heat pump. Our experts will teach you all aspects of ground source through classroom-based theory and practical hands-on learning – offering training based on your requirements.

Typical training will cover:

  • An introduction to heat pumps
  • System design
  • Our product range
  • Application
  • Ground array sizing
  • Diagnostics and fault finding
  • Funding streams
  • Sales and marketing opportunities

Once completed, you will receive an attendance certificate as proof of your Kensa heat pump training.

Arrange training with Kensa

To arrange your free heat pump training:

•  Email training@thekensagroup.com

•  Call 0345 222 4328

Kensa's training was very informative and helped dispel industry myths.


Are there heat pump training courses near me?

Our installer training usually takes place in Exeter, Devon. However, because our aim is to spread ground source knowledge throughout the UK, we are more than happy to be flexible with training locations.

Exeter College training facility

Kensa has partnered with Exeter College to create a custom-built resource for installers of ground source heat pump technology. The facility at Exeter College features working examples of Kensa heat pump systems, showcasing products from Kensa’s award-winning product range. This gives you a chance to get to grips with how a heat pump installation works, and what a typical installation looks like.

Kensa’s heat pump training bay at Exeter College includes a complete heating system, featuring our latest and most efficient innovation, the Evo series, which incorporates the world’s first ground source controller.

Bespoke heat pump training

Bespoke training sessions can be organised at your convenience in Exeter. And if you’re not within travelling distance of Exeter, Kensa can be flexible to suit your training requirements.

To enquire about bespoke training:

•  Email enquiries@thekensagroup.com

•  Call 0345 222 4328

Why does Kensa offer heat pump training for free?

Our training course is free because we want to offer as much of our expertise to installers as possible and widen the adoption of ground source heat pumps.

By spreading this knowledge throughout the UK, installers can become their own experts in ground source heat pump technology and increase the number of quality ground source heat pump installations to ease the UK’s switch to low-carbon heat.

Our trained heat pump installers can then continue to make others aware of the net-zero benefits, efficiency and cost-saving advantages of Kensa heat pumps – forming Kensa’s Underground Network.

Train to become a heat pump installer
Kensa's heat pump installer map

To start your heat pump training:

•  Email training@kensaengineering.com

•  Call 01392 367 080