Welcome to our vision for a Green & Great Britain

Achieving energy sovereignty: security, resilience and affordability

It is Kensa’s mission, as the UK’s leading ground source heat pump manufacturer and networked heat pump installer, to mitigate climate change through an optimal transition to zero carbon heating and cooling.

Networked heat pumps could reduce the UK's gas usage by 70% (£25bn per year).

Networked ground source heat pumps have 40% lower annual fuel costs than air source heat pumps.

The networked ground source heat pumps model is very similar to the current gas network.

The Big Picture

The networked heat pump solution for a Green & Great Britain.

The Big Plan

All of us, across government, industry and the economy, are connected to this united goal.

Pioneering Progress

Kensa is pioneering progress within the heat pump industry

Discover a virtual street map to zero carbon urban energy

Discover how an integrated approach using networked ground source heat pumps can deliver community-wide sustainable heating and cooling.

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