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Kensa has a nationwide network of trusted and approved Kensa Partners to help you with your project and provide peace of mind.

How to find a ground source heat pump installer

Simply fill out this form to let us know about your project and get quote. We will let you know the suitability of ground source heating for your project and we will recommend the right installer for you.

Alternatively, please give us a call on 0345 222 4328.

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Who can install ground source heat pumps?

If you already have an installer you’d prefer to work with or want to undertake the entire heating system installation yourself, Kensa can offer support through our MCS Umbrella Service. The service ensures the project complies with the MCS standards – a must if you want to make the scheme eligible for Government funding from the Boiler Upgrade Scheme or Home Energy Scotland.

Kensa will undertake all MCS-compliant aspects of the project including sizing, specification, appropriate quotation, commissioning and MCS registration of the ground source heat pump system for a small fee.

MCS Umbrella

How to get started and what happens next

Advice for anyone and everyone

Anyone from homeowners and architects to specifiers and consultants can access our free expert and technical advice on a potential heat pump project.

Questions answered at any stage

Get advice regardless of the project stage – whether you’re considering a renewable heating system, set on investing in a heat pump or you’ve already started planning your heat pump project.

Decide if a heat pump is suitable

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and MCS accreditation, it’s our responsibility to assess whether or not a heat pump is the right fit for your project. Factors like insulation and heating demands determine how efficient or economical a heat pump could be for different properties.

Guidance on how it works

Kensa’s commissioning engineers can talk you through the specifics of your potential project and what to consider along the way.

Find out how much a ground source heat pump could cost

How much a ground source heat pump costs depends on three variables; the cost of the heat pump, the type of installation, and the running costs of the heating system. To find out more, use our ground source heat pump cost calculator.

Submit your plans and get a quote for a Kensa ground source heat pump today. Just complete our quick and easy quote form.

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Submit your plans and get a quote for a Kensa ground source heat pump today. Just complete our quick and easy quote form.

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