Ground Source Heat Pumps for Housing Developments

Kensa’s highly efficient and long-lasting ground source heat pumps improve SAP ratings and EPC scores at scale. 

With the government pushing energy-efficiency measures and banning fossil fuel heating in new builds from 2025, ground source heat pumps ensure housing developments conform with stringent building regulations.

Networked Heat Pumps are a scalable solution that allows multiple units to connect. This design cuts costs, installation time, and future-proofs new developments as we shift away from gas central heating.

Research shows buyers are willing to pay up to 20% more for low-carbon homes. Compact ground source heat pumps save space, eliminate the need for plant rooms, boost profitability, and enhance kerb appeal.

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Our highly experienced New-Build Framework Managers are on hand to discuss scaling up the benefits of networked heat pumps in your new-build project.

Kensa is here to help you find the best heat pump solution for your development, delivering the best possible return on investment.


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New Build Framework Managers


George Gillow  &  Stuart Bader

Building thousands of homes?

We're working in partnership with GTC to deliver renewable heating to thousands of new build homes

GTC, the UK’s largest installer and operator of last-mile multi-utility networks, has joined forces with Kensa to deliver a low-cost renewable heating and cooling solution for tens of thousands of new homes a year— introducing Networked Ground Source Heat Pumps.

This solution offers a clean alternative to gas, which is planned to be banned in newbuild developments under the Future Homes Standard, which requires all new homes to have low-carbon heating.


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"65% of adults would consider a low carbon home because of environmental factors. 37% of adults prioritise the cost savings that they would see from cheaper energy bills."

YouGov and Legal & General research - Nov 2022

What are Networked Heat Pumps?

The best heating system for the lowest-carbon new-build developments


Networked Heat Pumps can give millions of homes access to three times more efficient heating than gas boilers. They encompass two or more ground source heat pumps connected to in-street pipework, which absorbs heat at a year-round constant of 10°C and delivers it to individual heat pumps in people’s homes.

Lowest carbon heating

As carbon-neutral, non-combustion systems, ground source heat pumps achieve 70% carbon savings vs. gas.

Meets Future Homes Standard

With fossil fuels banned in new builds from 2025, ground source heat pumps ensure housing developments conform to stringent new regulations. 

Enhances saleability

Compact but powerful ground source heat pumps increase usable space in developments, and their high energy efficiency appeals to purchasers. 

"Compared to various air source, direct electric, gas and CHP configurations in new build houses, shared ground loop arrays are the most efficient, lowest carbon, and lowest cost solution."

Greater London Authority (GLA), ‘Low Carbon Heat: Heat Pumps in London’

Experienced delivery partners

Ground source heat pump contractors

Kensa specialises in large-scale installation programmes with particular expertise in newbuild.


You’re in safe hands – we’re the UK’s longest-running ground source heat pump experts, trailblazing large-scale installations since 2012. From design to commissioning, Kensa carefully manages every aspect of our comprehensive service, ensuring seamless execution and maximum customer benefits.

Our innovative Shared Ground Loop Array system architecture and financing arrangements are designed to make the deployment of ground source heat pumps in new residential housing simple. We have project-managed and delivered thousands of award-winning installations in this sector.


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Simple, straightforward solution

The Shoebox NX future-proofs properties

Easy-to-install, low-maintenance and engineered to exceed compliance requirements.


Kensa’s latest product innovation, the Shoebox NX, was designed with high SAP scores in mind. This little heat pump punches above its weight and can lift a property’s EPC by up to two bands.

Smaller, sleeker, smarter, and more sustainable than ever, this British-manufactured heat pump is a compact powerhouse with A+++ efficiency, quiet operation, and a 25+ year lifespan. 

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