Kensa Partner Network

Become a Kensa Partner and join our network of approved ground source heat pump installers with a support package featuring free unique member-only benefits.

What is a Kensa Partner

A Kensa Partner is an installer who has been approved by us and meets our high standards.

Kensa works with its Partners to ensure they are kept up to speed with any technical advancements and make sure that they provide quality service and installations to customers.

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Why become a Kensa Partner?

The Kensa Partner Network offers a whole range of benefits for its members.

Partners can access perks like discounts and referrals, pre and post-technical support, and marketing support to make your life easier and increase your revenues.

Benefits include:

  • Use Kensa Partner logos
  • Kensa Installer number
  • Can use MCS Umbrella
  • Access extensive resources and expert advice
  • Further training opportunities
  • Ongoing project support
  • Access to merchandise shop
  • Pre & post sales technical support
  • Dedicated account management
  • Commissioning assistance
  • Qualified project referral
  • Preferential discounts
  • Marketing support

To join, you need to either complete Kensa’s free Installer Training or prove that your current ground source installations meet our high standards.

Unlike other manufacturers, you won’t be exclusively tied into Kensa if you are one of our Partners. But with market-leading products, access to extensive resources and expert advice, free training, qualified leads and marketing support, we are the manufacturer you will turn to for all your ground source heat pump needs.


How to become a Kensa Partner

To be a Kensa Partner, ground source heat pump installers must demonstrate:

  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Quality installations of more than one ground source heat pump in the past 12 months
  • Completed the Kensa Ground Level Training Course with Kensa
  • Be committed to ongoing training and development

For non-MCS installers, Kensa has an MCS Umbrella service. This means Kensa takes responsibility for the installation, to ensure the work meets MCS compliance standards. In addition, under this scheme, installers can receive support to work towards achieving MCS Accreditation status.

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