Kensa Heat Pumps manufactures MCS accredited ground source heat pumps eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) on our site in Mount Wellington Mine, Cornwall.We believe that everyone should benefit from sustainable, efficient, and affordable heating.Practicing what we preach, all of our commercial buildings are heated using Kensa ground source heat pumps – our factory even utilises water in a disused mine shaft below the site as its heat source! Read more here.

We are proud to be UK award winners, UK based, and the UK’s market leader.

But Kensa is much more than just a heat pump manufacturer. We work as a partner with many installers, specifiers and housing providers to deliver exceptionally well-designed systems which out-perform the market. The secret is experience and expertise. Kensa pioneered the adoption of heat pump technology in the UK.We pride ourselves on the quality of our technical support. Our engineers offer industry-leading expertise evidenced by thousands of installations carrying the Kensa hallmark. Being a manufacturer, there is an inevitable technical bias to Kensa’s operations. Combining quality components, precision engineering, talented production staff and a state-of-the-art test facility, Kensa‘s heat pumps provide market-leading performance.In accordance with our role as an MCS accredited manufacturer and installer, Kensa is intimate with every project, providing a ground array design, guidance on appropriate heat distribution and hot water systems, and complete installation support.Kensa’s systems are compact, durable, easy-to-install and supplied with an exceptional warranty.Kensa also supplies all the accessories including manifolds, slinkies, anti-freeze, buffer tanks and cylinder.

The Kensa Group

The Kensa Group comprises Kensa Heat Pumps and Kensa Contracting. Kensa Heat Pumps operates from an award-winning manufacturing facility in Cornwall, manufacturing the UK’s most extensive range of ground source heat pumps designed specifically for the UK market, including the world’s smallest and quietest ground source heat pump ideally suited for new build housing, the Shoebox Heat Pump.Kensa Contracting has project managed and delivered thousands of award-winning installations in the social housing sector based on a pioneering micro-district system architecture.

What’s in a name?

The name “Kensa” (KEN-zah) comes from a Cornish word meaning “first”. Kensa has lived up to its name in many ways:

  • As the first and only dedicated ground source heat pump manufacturer in the UK, established in 1999;
  • The first to create a ground source heat pump small and quiet enough to be installed into flats and apartments, the Shoebox range;
  • And the first to develop the largest single phase ground source heat pump available, perfect for large UK properties, the 24kW Twin.


Watch: Our co-founder explains what makes Kensa unique

Registered Office: Kensa Heat Pumps Ltd, Mount Wellington, Chacewater, Truro, Cornwall TR4 8RJ. Registered in England: Kensa Heat Pumps Limited No. 03739805 | Kensa Contracting Limited No. 08166502 | The Kensa Group Limited No. 05367753.