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Kensa Heat Pumps is the UK’s number one ground source heat pump brand.

We offer ground source heat pump training for trainers in training centres, sharing our extensive knowledge of ground source heat pump fundamentals and best practices with your trainers and students.

Talk to us about enhancing your training offering with our expert experience and create a ‘ground source heat pump hub’ with state-of-the-art Kensa technology.

Enhanced ground source heat pump training support

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If you are currently offering an MCS-recognised ground source heat pump course, or looking to start, Kensa can help you enhance your training offer by providing expert knowledge for heat pump trainers.

Kensa offers one-to-one personalised support for trainers working through MCS-recognised GSHP courses.

We will help your trainers fully understand the technology to deliver the most effective training to students.

Using our knowledge from training installers since 1999, we will help your trainers to become ground source experts, to fully understand the technology in order to deliver the most effective, comprehensive training to students in a quick and memorable, proven manner

What Kensa can offer:

  • Free introductory training session
  • Comprehensive guidance on all things ground source
  • A personalised approach to training depending on the needs of your trainer and college
  • A direct point of contact offering full support during and after training

Meet Kensa’s Training Manager, Darren Veal

Prior to joining Kensa in 2014, Darren was a heating engineer for over 30 years. Darren has a wealth of technical knowledge about heat pump system design, commissioning, and MCS compliance and has been training and supporting installers throughout his career at Kensa.

Ground source heat pump training equipment

Complete heat pump system

Enhance your facility with the latest training units from Kensa that can be installed as working demonstration heat pump systems.

We offer two versions of a complete system, showcasing our most popular product ranges; the Kensa Evo and the Kensa Shoebox.

These fully working systems are perfect for teaching students and allow you to easily demonstrate how to connect a ground source heat pump.

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Demonstration heat pump

Designed by engineers, for engineers

Kensa can also supply a self-contained, fully functioning demonstration heat pump that shows the principles of a ground source heat pump in a single unit.

With a simulated ground array, installers can feel the warmth provided by a heat pump and better understand how it absorbs heat from the ground – the perfect teaching tool.

  • Self-contained demo unit
  • The unit is mobile and easy to move around
  • Modelled on the best-selling Kensa Evo unit
  • Comes with a 240v plug and lead
  • Simulated ground array
  • Approx dimensions 1270 x 1100 x 600 mm
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Support for training centres

We can support training centres to improve their ground source heat pump offering.
We partnered with Exeter College to create a ground source heat pump training resource for installers. The facility houses an Evo training system which is piped up to a buffer tank, cylinders and ground arrays. Installers are able to interact with the working system which is a perfect learning environment.

Read the full case study

Kensa’s Installer Training

Kensa is the only heat pump manufacturer to support installers under an MCS Umbrella scheme.

Once students have attended a ground source heat pump course at your facility, they can take on subsequent ground source installations under Kensa’s MCS Umbrella to ensure their work is fully compliant with MCS standards.

Kensa will provide:

  • Guided use of Kensa’s MCS Umbrella
  • Ongoing project-specific support
  • Structured account management
  • Loyalty scheme and exclusive benefits
Installer training
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