Heat Pump Demonstration System

Demonstrate the best in British-made low carbon technology with specialist ground source heat pump training units. With a complete and fully working Kensa heat pump system, you can practically share your installation knowledge and showcase the ins and outs of a ground source installation.

Who is this heat pump demonstration system ideal for?

This unit is ideal for installer training facilities or those exhibiting at showrooms. It’s the perfect way to practically teach students, building professionals and those looking to progress into the renewables field, or already practising in the sector. You can show installers how easy it is to connect a ground source heat pump.

Features of Kensa’s heat pump demonstration system

  • Fully working GSHP
  • Buffer tank
  • Expansion vessel
  • Anti-freeze
  • Manifold
  • 150Ltr Two Connection Buffer Tank
  • T & P Relief Valve
  • Ground Side Graphics Pack
  • Connects to a full working system for installation, commission & handover training.

For a smaller system featuring just the heat pump, ground arrays and distribution system, see our demonstration unit.

For Orders or Advice: 0345 222 4328

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