Ground Source Heat Pump Demonstration Unit

Want to teach students, trainee installers or delegates all about ground source? This self-contained, fully functioning demonstration unit features the real-life components of a ground source heat pump in one easily transportable and self-explanatory unit.

How does this heat pump demonstration unit work?

Kensa’s heat pump demonstration unit is just like a real ground source heat pump. The ground array pipes actually absorb heat from the surrounding area, mimicking the ground, and the heat pump upgrades this to provide heat to the attached radiator – if you touch it you can feel the warmth!

Perfect for events, training & demonstrations

Whether you’re in a training facility or at an event, Kensa’s heat pump demonstration unit shows students and delegates the ins and outs of a ground source heat pump. It’s the perfect way to share your knowledge simply and practically.

Features of the heat pump demonstration unit

  • The unit is mobile and easy to move around
  • Fully working Kensa ground source heat pump and radiator
  • Principles of GSHP in a single unit
  • Modelled on the best-selling Kensa Evo unit
  • Simulated ground array generating physical heat
  • Comes with a 240V plug and lead

Dimensions of the demonstration unit

Height: 1270mm
Width: 1100mm
Depth: 600mm

If you’re looking for a demonstration with even more features, such as expansion vessels and buffer tanks, have a look at our demonstration system kit.

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