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The Government is committed to making the UK one of the largest markets in the world for heat pumps. Enormous opportunity exists for installers to become part of a sector set for rapid and massive growth.

What ground source heat pump training does Kensa offer?

Kensa offers free ground source heat pump installer training, delivered by experts. It provides a tailored pathway for anyone wanting to become an approved ground source installer.

Your training will be bespoke to your current skill level and includes practical hands-on experience and project-specific support. This can be delivered either remotely or in-person and delivered one-to-one, or in a group.

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In-person training sessions are 4.5 hours with a complimentary lunch included. Online sessions are 2 hours and hosted on Zoom.

For group bookings of 8+ installers, or if you are just looking for information on Service and Maintenance please get in touch at

Meet Kensa’s Training Manager, Darren Veal

Kensa Darren VealPrior to joining Kensa in 2014, Darren was a heating engineer for over 30 years. Darren has a wealth of technical knowledge about heat pump system design and commissioning and MCS compliance and has been training and supporting installers throughout his career at Kensa.

“We recommend that all installers contact Kensa to undertake free training. We’ll give you bespoke support to ensure the best quality installations.

You can learn at your own pace and grow your ground source knowledge and business opportunities.”

Ground Level Training

Our Ground Level Training Course caters for installers who are new to ground source, new to Kensa, upskilling or simply need a quick refresher.

It is bespoke to your needs in a quick but comprehensive session, training could cover:

  • An introduction to heat pumps and Kensa’s products.
  • System design – common heat sources, hydraulics, DHW and calculations.
  • Application – run through real-life project examples.
  • Funded Ground Arrays.
  • Commissioning & Servicing.
  • 5th Generation heating networks.
  • Finding your first project with Kensa.

How do I become a ground source heat pump installer?

Support for Plumbing and Heating Engineers


Our free Ground Level Training course is ideal for plumbing and heating engineers wanting to learn to install ground source heat pumps and develop their careers in the renewable heating industry.

If you are traditionally a gas heating installer, transitioning to fitting ground source heat pumps is straightforward and reduces risks, cost, and time. Unlike a gas boiler system, a ground source heat pump has no flue or ventilation requirements, no condense pipe to fit, no more landlord gas safety checks, and simpler and cleaner servicing.

“I booked a free 1-2-1 training session with Kensa’s Training Manager. It was really useful, as I was able to be specific about exactly what I wanted to learn, and the day was tailored to match my skill set. There’s nothing worse than being sat on a training course where half of it isn’t relevant to you

Matt Owen, Home Heating & Plumbing

Support for heat pump installers

If you are already installing heat pumps, Kensa can tailor the training to enhance your skills with ground source, building your confidence and bridging any gaps in your knowledge, especially if your experience is predominantly in air source.

By becoming a Kensa Partner you can use Kensa’s MCS Umbrella Scheme whilst you learn. For a fee, Kensa will manage the elements of projects that you may be less familiar with, such as sizing, specification, groundworks and commissioning, to ensure your projects are fully compliant. Many installers use our Umbrella Scheme as a stepping stone to becoming MCS accredited for ground source heat pumps.


"I used Kensa's MCS Umbrella service a number of times, which I found a helpful stepping stone on my way to become MCS accredited for ground source, which I did because of the increasing volume of installations I was involved with.”

Edward Savage, EPS Plumbing & Heating

Support for MCS accredited GSHP installers

Kensa offers expert guidance and advice on everything ground source heat pump related, be it QMS & integration or new funding & legislation. This allows installers who are MCS accredited for ground source to continue to upskill and keep up to speed with the industry. We’re here to help out with tricky system designs or unusual applications of the technology.


“Kensa has proven invaluable to work with. The support from initial specification to final commissioning and beyond really is second to none. Quality service seems to be frustratingly a dying art nowadays and Kensa really have their A-to-B relationship polished.”

Jim Sowden, Roseland Plumbing & Heating

Help and support for installers

All Kensa installers have a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips with our installer resources and guides – the largest collection of dedicated ground source heat pump information we know of!

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What is a Kensa Partner

A Kensa Partner is an installer who has been approved by us and meets our high standards.

Kensa works with its Partners to ensure they are kept up to speed with any technical advancements and make sure that they provide quality service and installations to customers.

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