Installer, EPS Plumbing, Heating & Green Energy

Installer review: EPS Plumbing, Heating & Green Energy

An interview with Edward Savage, owner of EPS Plumbing & Heating and Kensa Partner installer.

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Ground source review: EPS Plumbing, Heating & Green Energy


When did you first start working with Kensa and how did that relationship begin?

“I did my first GSHP install in 2014 which is when I first encountered Kensa. Right from that first job, they gave me plenty of support, and our relationship developed from there. I am proud to be a leading installer of Kensa heat pumps.”

How would you rate Kensa’s staff and support services and why?

“Kensa staff are helpful and friendly, and they invest time in supporting their installer partners through advice and training. No other manufacturers I know of give detailed support with system design and sizing for any installer at any level – Kensa is unique in that respect.

What is your opinion about ground source heat pump technology?

“I started my business in 2012 and knew I wanted to go down the green energy route. Heat pump technology wasn’t as well known back then – we were working with early adopters. Kensa provided really useful marketing support and has always been very active in championing their technology. Now, people’s understanding of heat pumps is much better and the future looks very positive for our business.

What type of properties do you install GSHPs into?

“I’ve installed ground source heat pumps into every type of property imaginable – from 3kW Kensa Shoeboxes in cupboards inside flats to plant rooms with multiple Kensa Evo’s in massive manor houses. I’m really happy with their products – I find them simple and easy to install. Plus they are straightforward to explain to the end customer, which is a massive selling point in my opinion.

Have you used Kensa’s MCS Umbrella before and what was your experience?

“I used Kensa’s MCS Umbrella service a number of times, which I found a helpful stepping stone on my way to becoming MCS accredited for ground source, which I did because of the increasing volume of installations I was involved with. It was useful to bridge the gap with system design and ground array sizing – which are the main areas where ground source installations differ from traditional gas boilers.

Where do you see the market heading and what is the future for your business?

“With the recent rise in energy prices, we’re seeing people wanting to become more energy-efficient – combining ground source heat pumps with solar panels to generate the electricity to power the systems. People are being savvy and investing in technology to save them money in the long run.”

Key Facts

  • EPS Plumbing, Heating & Green Energy
  • MCS Accredited GSHP installer
  • Kensa Partner
  • Operating within Cornwall