Features & benefits of the Kensa Shoebox NX


Hot water, heating & cooling

Keeping homes cosy and warm in winter, then cool and comfortable in summer.

Incredibly efficient

An impressive A+++ efficiency means economical homes and more cost savings.

Small, sleek and stylish

A premium product with a sleek, stylish aesthetic. Less is more with the Shoebox NX.

You won’t know it’s there

Designed for quiet operation, the NX makes less noise than some boilers.

Petite yet powerful

A compact powerhouse that matches the performance of larger heat pumps.

Flexible – fit and forget

Suitable for various properties, with a 25+ year life expectancy and minimal maintenance.

Simple, safe and smart

Harnessing renewable heat, the NX comes without the risks and servicing of fossil fuel systems.

Easy to install and connect

Connect & Notify approval ensures easy electrical connection and minimises installation delays.

Extraordinary performance

With a COP of 4.36 – one of the highest on the market for a small heat pump – and an Energy Rated Performance (ErP) of A+++, the Shoebox NX is incredibly efficient and, therefore, cheap to run. Co-efficient of Performance (COP) benchmarks heat pump quality and efficiency.

The heat pump harnesses naturally occurring renewable energy and concentrates this into a high temperature to provide heating and hot water to a dwelling. For every 1kW of electricity used to run the heat pump, over 4kW of heat is produced – making the Shoebox NX over 400% efficient.

It delivers hot water up to 64℃ and can even be configured to provide passive cooling in the summer months, a valuable feature for combatting overheating, particularly in high-rise buildings. The Shoebox NX is a compact powerhouse with a modern and stylish design, making it a premium product. It can be tucked away in a kitchen or airing cupboard, and its pared-back footprint frees up vital storage space in a home.

The NeXt generation Shoebox heat pump has the potential to provide millions with long-lasting clean, energy-efficient home heating and cooling.

Tamsin Lishman, CEO, Kensa Group

Unlock low-carbon heating at scale

Shoebox NX for new-builds

The Shoebox NX is engineered to ensure housebuilders exceed compliance requirements, including the Future Homes Standard. This easy-to-install, low-maintenance technology enhances the saleability of properties, preparing developments for a low-carbon future.

Shoebox NX for retrofits

Perfect for social housing retrofits, the Shoebox helps tower blocks and flats achieve carbon reduction targets and compliance by improving efficiencies and emissions. This is crucial to tackling the fuel poverty crisis that 6.5 million UK homes are estimated to be struggling with.

Networked heat pumps

Suitable for new builds and retrofits, the Shoebox NX will turbocharge the widescale adoption of ground source heat pumps in the UK with its compact dimensions and exceptional efficiency. The product is perfectly compatible with Networked Heat Pumps, the 21st-century gas grid alternative that could reduce the UK’s gas usage by 70% (£25bn per year).

Networked Heat Pumps encompass two or more ground source heat pumps and a distribution system, creating a balanced heating and cooling solution for multiple properties, entire communities and beyond. A heat pump in each property connected to shared renewable infrastructure allows individual households autonomy over their heating bills. 

Networked Heat Pumps are the best type of low-carbon heating because they are highly efficient, flexible, scalable and sustainable. They are ideally suited for large-scale installations, including terraced streets, tower blocks, and new build developments – comprising over 60% of UK housing.

Mass adoption of heat pumps, including Ground Source Heat Pumps, will grow the economy, create green jobs and bring people out of fuel poverty.

Tamsin Lishman - CEO, Kensa Group

The NeXt generation of heating and cooling

A greener conscience

An environmentally-conscious logistics solution with less single-use plastics and more recycled packaging, the super small dimensions of the NX reduce its storage and transportation needs, making it Kensa’s greenest heat pump!

Pioneering green industry

Smaller, sleeker, smarter, and more sustainable than ever, the Shoebox NX extends the frontiers of heat pump technology. It is a British-manufactured product supporting the UK’s growing green economy.

The Shoebox NX is a game-changing ground source heat pump that will kickstart the biggest transformation in home heating since the conversion to gas 50 years ago.

Simple to install & commission

Connect & Notify approved

The Shoebox NX is Connect & Notify-approved on the Energy Network Association’s (ENA) heat pump database, saving consumers time and money. In most circumstances, approval also protects householders and housing associations from paying for an electricity upgrade.

For individual installations, approval almost always means installations can go ahead immediately; local District Network Operators (DNO) don’t have to be notified until after the installation. This avoids delay versus non-approved heat pump installations.

See more technical features

Kensa’s installation services

Installing the Shoebox NX couldn’t be easier with Kensa – simply choose from our range of services to suit you.

•  Find a Kensa-approved installer to fit the Shoebox heat pump for you.

•  Installers can use our MCS Umbrella scheme for an MCS-accredited installation below 45 kW.

•  Large-scale installations can get support with anything from project management to tenant liaison from our delivery partner, Kensa Contracting.

Complimentary technical support

Shoebox NX owners and installers can access Kensa’s technical support for the system’s lifetime. This includes anything from design and commissioning guidance to post-installation advice.

See how we support you

Looking for technical specifications?
Discover features & technical data.

Technical Data

Performance features

Hot water temperatures up to 65°C at the point of use.

Temperature setpoints, one for heating and one for domestic hot water, produce the required heat at the highest efficiency – without costly direct immersion heaters.

Weather compensation is fitted as standard to adjust the heat pump’s temperatures depending on the weather.

A fixed-speed compressor compresses the ground’s low-grade heat and delivers real-time efficiencies, reliability and long product life.

In-built water pump for the ground side of the Shoebox unit.

Installation features

22mm valved connections on top of the heat pump with internal flexible pipes.

All Shoebox NX units come with integrated non-return valves as standard.

Designed to be installed inside the home, typically a kitchen or airing cupboard.


Shoebox NX components

Core heat pump unit (refrigeration components)

Controller & water pumps


5 years

2 years


Connect & Notify approval

Connect & Notify approval from the Energy Networks Association (ENA) can save time and money.

MCS accreditation

Certified by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), ensuring compliance and supporting the application for funding streams.

A+++ energy efficiency

A+++ Energy-related Product (ErP) rating.

ISO9001 approval

Manufactured in an ISO9001 accredited facility.

Product Innovation of the Year

Winner at the Unlock Net Zero Awards 2024.


5kW ShoeboxNX

627 mm high

554 mm wide

570 mm deep

Shoebox NX technical data

Nominal thermal kW rating5.8
Part NumberS5-P0K
MCS ApprovedBBA 0055/45
Performance data - rated heating output at B0/W35 BS EN14511
Power consumption (kW)1.35
Co-efficient of Performance (COP)*4.36
Immersion heater outputKensa heat pumps do not feature back-up electric immersion heaters**
ENA Connect & Notify approvalYes
Brine (primary) based on 0°C in / -4°C out
Design flow rate l/min16.3
Pressure drop (kPa) at design flow rate20
Max inlet temperature °C25
Min temperature °C (outlet)-5 (at standard settings)
Heating water (secondary) based on 30°C in / 35°C out
Design flow rate (l/min)17.0
Pressure drop (kPa) at design flow rate10.2
Max flow temperature °C***64
Electrical values at B0/W35
Rated voltage (V)220-240 v / 50 Hz
Power supply rating (amps)16
Rated current (max) amps11.6
Typical running current at B0/W35 (amps)6.6
Starting current (amps)****12.2
Refrigerant circuit
Process mediumR407C
Fill volume kg1.1
Compressor typeScroll
H X W X L (mm)627 (H) X 554 (W) X 570 (D)
Dry weight kg93
Operating pressure
Brine circuit min (primary) bar gConfigured at commissioning
Heating water circuit min (secondary) bar gConfigured at commissioning
Low pressure reset bar gConfigured at commissioning
Connection sizes
Primary IN and OUT3/4" BSP Parallel with 22mm
Heating flow and return3/4" BSP Parallel with 22mm
Performance (based on Average Climate) at 35°C
ErP ratingA+++
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency176%
Performance (based on Average Climate) at 55°C
ErP ratingA++
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency138%
Sound Power Level
Sound Power Level (dB)51.2dBA
* The COP figure quoted is calculated as per EN14511.
** In-built immersion heaters will increase running costs and CO2 emissions as they use direct electricity; because of this
Kensa heat pumps do not include them.
*** By increasing the flow temperature from the heat pump, the unit’s efficiency will drop, and the COP will decrease.
****Kensa Shoebox heat pumps incorporate smart starts as standard to limit the starting current of the compressors. For full details on how the starting currents are calculated, please contact Kensa.
*****The SCOP figure quoted is calculated as per EN14825.
Note: Design flow rates are for a ground temperature of 0°C and –4°C and a load temperature of 30°C and 35°C.

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