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Kensa Contracting is the UK’s only dedicated delivery partner and contractor of large-scale ground source heat pump installations. Specialising in multiple-unit projects with Shared Ground Loop Arrays, Kensa Contracting has a direct supply of ground source heat pumps from Kensa Heat Pumps.


What does Kensa Contracting do?

Large-scale installation support

Partner to Kensa Heat Pumps, Kensa Contracting manages and supports large-scale ground source heat pump installations. Their team of expert heat pump contractors offer a one-stop-shop service for large projects.

Working across the UK, Kensa Contracting supports district heating schemes in retrofit and new-build social housing projects and housing developments. Their services include:

  • Geological surveys
  • Ground array & heat pump design
  • Financial modelling of projected cost & return
  • Specification (e.g. radiators or underfloor heating)
  • Project management
  • Supervision of specialist subcontractors (e.g. borehole drillers & electricians)
  • Heat pumps supplied by Kensa Heat Pumps
  • Equipment & accessories supply
  • Installation commissioning
  • Householder liaison & householder education
  • Community engagement
  • Access to available subsidies.
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Stonewater Housing Weobley District Ground Source Heat Pump Retrofit Social Housing Project Borehole drill rig

MCS & TrustMark-accredited

Kensa Contracting is accredited by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and TrustMark. Both accreditations demonstrate competency and a commitment to good customer service.

Kensa Heat Pump products, such as the Shoebox and Evo series*, are Connect & Nofity-approved on the Energy Network Association’s (ENA) heat pump database. For multiple-unit installations, this means the District Network Operator (DNO) is usually responsible for the cost of any necessary electrical network upgrades – protecting the consumer from payouts.

Who installs the ground source heat pumps?

You have the option to use your own preferred plumber and groundworks contractor, or our heat pump contractors can recommend trusted installers from Kensa Heat Pumps’ Underground Network.

If your preferred installer happens to lack MCS, they can use Kensa’s MCS Umbrella service.

Heat pump case studies with Kensa Contracting

Heating replacements across 8 tower blocks

Across 400 flats in Enfield, tenants were burdened with pricey and inefficient electric heating. Concerned about tenant welfare, Enfield Council knew they needed to take action.

With the help of Kensa Contracting and ENGIE, each household was fitted with a tiny and quiet Shoebox heat pump. Tenants had simple controls, independent bills, and affordable heating – saving them between £450 – £750 every year. No wonder the scheme won District Heating Project of the Year 2019.

See the Enfield story
Enfield Ground Source Heat Pump Tower Blocks Upgrade Combats London Air Pollution

Ground source heat pumps in 8 new-builds

The village of Kinlet lacked affordable housing. Shropshire Rural Housing, a charitable housing association, decided to address this issue by building 8 sustainable and energy-efficient homes in the area.

In a project with Kensa Contracting, a Shoebox heat pump was installed into each home, connected through a district heating scheme of Shared Ground Loop Arrays. Following the project’s success, each household is expected to save up to 30% on running costs compared to fossil fuels.

See the new-build case study
Ground Source Review: Shropshire Rural Housing, Kinlet - Installation 1

Heating replacements in 16 bungalows

16 bungalows in Shropshire were off-gas and heated by expensive electric heaters. To reduce their tenants’ heating bills, Bromford Housing Association asked for Kensa Contracting’s help to install a network of Shoebox heat pumps – all of which would connect through Shared Ground Loop Arrays.

Kensa Contracting supported the replacement project, which involved drilling 8 boreholes, to affordably heat each bungalow. Once installed, Kensa’s heat pump contractors showed tenants how to operate the systems.

See the retrofit project results
Ground Source Review Bromford Housing Association ǀ Heat Pump - Exterior 2

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Visit Kensa’s heat pump contracting website to find out more about large-scale installations – and what Kensa Contracting can do for you.

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Small print

*The 17kW is ‘apply to connect’ due to C&N’s 32A power limit, but meets the high standards of C&N approval – DNOs will usually cover necessary upgrade costs.
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