Kensa’s Underground Network

Learning how to become a heat pump installer?

With our comprehensive heat pump training and distinguished installation support, become a part of the Underground Network – our nationwide grid of ground source heat pump installer partners.

Join our underground movement to transform our nation to self-sufficiency with the power of renewable ground source energy.

What is Kensa’s Underground Network?

The Underground Network is our map of verified Kensa ground source heat pump partners, spanning the length and breadth of Britain. Powering the network, our installer partners are advocates of ground source technology and groundbreakers of traditions.

Our installers support British engineering at its best. They encourage and inspire the adoption of ground source heat pumps with the backing of Kensa. With the widest range of ground source heat pumps available in the UK, Kensa has the tools to help you and your customers fight for energy independence and increase your business opportunities.

So join our Underground Network. Support the growing Underground Movement and together we can transform the UK heating scene.

What are the benefits of joining Kensa’s Underground Network?


As members of Kensa’s Underground Network, ground source heat pump installers can access unique benefits and business opportunities, such as client recommendations.


Partners will be recognised as a quality ground source heat pump installer with a marque and support package featuring unique member-only benefits.


We have created a package of benefits that will support you and help create further business opportunities. The more your business grows, the more benefits we will reward you with.

Kensa's heat pump installer map

What happens when you become a member?

Kensa ground source heat pump installer partners can tap into an unlimited resource of heat pump advice, training, sales leads and support.

When you join the Underground Network you are a frontline expert in your field, connecting Britain to a cleaner and greener future, and defending the nation against energy price battles and industry cowboys.

As a member of the Underground Network you will be aligning yourself with the UK’s largest supplier of ground source heat pumps, and a broad support network across Britain.

A heat pump installer who is part of Kensa's installer network

I like working with Kensa because they have a knowledgable, helpful and familiar team. Their systems are very reliable too and our installers get on very well with them

Dan Smith, Simon Annear Plumbing & Heating

What are the objectives of the Underground Network?

We see a nation connected. An underground network where you are the direct line to connecting your customers to free unlimited energy below their feet.

As part of the heating revolution, the network’s objectives are to:

  • Defend the integrity of ground source technology by establishing an army of experienced installers that deliver quality and MCS compliant ground source installations.
  • Establish a framework through which installers wishing to enter the ground source heat pump market can receive first-class assistance with their projects to achieve full MCS approval.
  • Encourage end users to go off-grid and embrace the adoption of ground source heat pumps.
  • Encourage and reward installations to be fulfilled by the Underground Network.

What is the Underground Movement?

Kensa’s Underground Movement is our drive to inspire the adoption of ground source heat pumps across the UK. We can do this by educating end users and installers about their significant benefits, and encourage people to dig deeper and know their sources when it comes to heat pump technology.

As a member of the Underground Network you will help us to grow our Underground Movement campaign, encouraging and inspiring followers with the support of the UK’s largest supplier of ground source heat pumps.

Slinky ground arrays

Kensa has run bespoke training courses for our staff and we are proud to be part of their Underground Network scheme.

Luke Reed, Total Renewable Solutions