Residents in 273 high-rise flats in Thurrock will see significant savings in their heating and hot water bills this winter due to the installation of energy-efficient Kensa ground source heat pumps, helping to remove many residents from fuel poverty.

Kensa has replaced old, inefficient night storage heaters with small, super-efficient Kensa ground source heat pumps and Sunamp heat batteries in three tower blocks in Chadwell St Mary’s owned by Thurrock Council.

Residents in the two-bed flats will be shielded from future price rises this winter and reap additional savings of up to 66% on their heating and hot water bills by replacing the old storage heaters with 300% efficient ground source heat pumps.

Installing Kensa ground source heat pumps will save residents money and provide energy security and resilience against rising fuel prices. It has also brought residents together as a community, improving their physical and mental well-being and protecting them from the threat of fuel poverty.


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