Genesis System Manager

The Genesis System Manager is a new generation of ground source heat pump controller. As the world’s first controller dedicated to ground source systems, the Genesis enhances the performance of the Kensa Evo.

Pioneering engineering

The Genesis System Manager follows Kensa’s design philosophy of making things easy for installers and end users.

‘Off-the-shelf’ controllers failed to meet the comprehensive functionality demanded by Kensa’s robust specification, so Kensa designed a bespoke control unit; the first of its kind devoted entirely to controlling a ground source heat pump.

Comprising of a state-of-the-art touch screen display and custom-built control board, Kensa’s exclusive Genesis System Manager is the brain of the Evo.

The unique Genesis System Manager allows interrogation and commissioning, as well as a world first live CoP (Coefficient of Performance) readout direct from the operating conditions to ensure the very best efficiency is being achieved.

Exclusive to Kensa Heat Pumps

  • The system is designed for use only in Kensa’s ground source heat pumps and, as such, does not have any confusing or unnecessary features that are not relevant to our products.
  • The control board is a universal controller for all products manufactured by Kensa Heat Pumps.
Evo ground source heat pump Genesis System Manager Control Board

We like the Evo's new interactive system controller. It is great to be able to see the performance running figure as a percentage on the screen as this helps with the commissioning of the system.

Robert Harvey - Installer, Limitless Energy

Easy to use

  • Comprehensive home screen provides a snapshot of system performance.
  • Live CoP reading displays the real-time system efficiency. Much like the MPG gauge on your car, the Kensa ground source heat pump delivers data direct from its operating conditions to provide performance transparency and prompt setting adjustments if necessary.
  • System mode icons indicate the heat pump’s operating mode.

Simple set-up

  • Pluggable and easy to wire connections.
  • Counts three different pulse inputs which can be wired to power a meter, heat meter or water meter.
  • Simple commissioning function tests enable easy system set-up.
  • Adjustable settings enable site and system specific set-up to ensure optimal performance.
  • Live CoP readout and temperature and pressure readings direct from the operating conditions ensure set-up achieves the best system efficiency and heat pump performance is maintained.
  • Diagnostics menu provides live system readings.
  • Access logs of past errors (warning and fault levels) and the history of the heat pump’s performance, providing quick diagnosis and resolution.
  • Password protected access to commissioning and factory setting levels safeguards against accidental system adjustments.
  • Logical and meaningful commissioning process.

Unique functions

  • Programmable to control two different heating set points, production of domestic hot water, cooling as well as passive cooling control*.
  • Optional use DHW boost controller synchronised to the heat pump cycles, minimising any additional energy use.
  • Ability to call a hot water tank immersion heater for a period of time after the heat pump has finished its hot water cycle. Designed for instances where the installation demands stored hot water at higher than 60°C or where high system heat losses mean that 60°C hot water is not achievable with the heat pump alone.
*Kensa passive cooling supplementary kit required.
  • Ability to call a hot water tank immersion heater for pasteurisation.
  • Ability to call an external supplementary heat source. Particularly useful in open loop systems when the open loop source gets very cold resulting in the heat pump struggling to reach temperature.
  • Ability to cut out additional heating circulation pumps when the heat pump is in domestic hot water mode.

The Evo is a nice piece of kit. Whilst Kensa has made some innovative changes, the heat pump itself is still as simple and reliable as ever.

Matt Young – Installer, Griffiths Air Conditioning