Key advantages of the Commercial Plant Room

For the highest of heat demands

Boasting three-phase models up to 75kW, the series’ modular units provide flexibility to match and balance the heating demands of commercial buildings.

Ideal for cascaded systems

To efficiently meet fluctuating demands, multiple units can be connected together in a cascaded system.

Smart & compatible

Simple integration with new or existing radiators, fan coils or underfloor heating. Multiple units can also be controlled via a Building Management System (BMS).

Funding options

Depending on your project type, there is a range of funding options that we can advise you on. Visit this page to explore different types of funding.

Modulates to the highest heat demands

The Commercial Plant Room matches heating and hot water demands of up to 60°C. The series is comprised of modular three-phase models that deliver tailored outputs, flexibility and compatibility in large or commercial buildings.

The Plant Room is the perfect candidate for a cascaded system. Efficiently fulfilling fluctuating demands, multiple Plant Rooms can work together to deliver large space heating and hot water demands at the same time.

With multiple heat pumps, heating and hot water can be provided to different parts of a building simultaneously through a Building Management System (BMS).

Designed for ease, the Plant Room is compatible with a building’s heating distribution system, such as fan coils, underfloor and air handling units.

"It made sense to opt for this innovative approach to keeping [our buildings] warm and I am very pleased that the system is proving to be efficient and effective."

James Stockan - Orkney council chairman

Affordable, rewarding & reliable heating

Long-term savings

The Plant Room offers low running costs, lack of annual servicing requirements and minimal maintenance over its 20-year design life.

See costs & payback

Lifetime support

On top of a 5-year guarantee, every Kensa heat pump comes with technical support for life. This includes anything from advice for installers to post-installation guidance for end users.

Powerful yet power-saving

DNO-friendly ‘soft starts’ are fitted as standard to prevent electricity flickers and ensure peak starting load is minimised.

A fixed speed compressor compresses the ground’s low-grade heat and delivers real-time efficiencies, reliability and long product life.

See more technical features

"As well as being energy-efficient, the technology makes perfect business sense compared to air source - which works out more expensive."

Charles - Garden centre owner

Backed by unrivalled support

Kensa’s installation services

Whatever your project, Kensa can help. Our installation services are perfect for projects of all shapes and sizes.

Need an installer?
Submit your plans and we’ll recommend a local Kensa-approved installer.

Need MCS support?
Our MCS Umbrella service will guide installers through the whole process.

Planning a large-scale project?
If your development has multiple buildings or requires specialist support, our award-winning heat pump contractors at Kensa Contracting can help.


Kensa provided us with lots of great advice prior to the installation and everything worked out as planned. The Kensa kit has delivered well, as always, and we continue to use them as our preferred ground source heat pump supplier.

Jamie Burnham - Installer

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Looking for costs?

See Plant Room models & prices.

Dedicated technical support

The Plant Room comes with Kensa’s technical support for the system’s lifetime. Get guidance from our technical team on anything from commissioning to post-installation.

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The Plant Room by the sea

In this project, the Plant Room uses the sea as its heat source to deliver heating and hot water to Orkney council offices.

See Orkney council's case study

Looking for technical specifications?
Discover features & technical data.

Models & Costs

Commercial Plant Room models

Heating only models:

40kW, 45kW, 60kW and 75kW produce temperatures up to 55°C.

Heating & cooling models:

25kW, 30kW, 40kW, 45kW, 60kW and 75kW.

High temperature model:

25kW model produces temperatures up to 60°C.

All 25 – 45kW models have MCS accreditation.

Plant Room costs

Heating-only models

40 – 75kW from £13,165 – £17,998

Heating & cooling models

25 – 40kW from £12,789 – £15,754

45 – 75kW from £17,617 – £21,211

High temperature model

25 kW from £13,165


*List prices exclude VAT.

Get a quote with Kensa

The right model for your project will depend on your building’s requirements, such as heat demand and insulation levels.

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Performance features

‘Soft starts’ fitted to ensure that starting load and flicker is minimised.

A fixed speed compressor upgrades the ground’s low-grade heat energy, optimised for the best efficiency at a fixed output.

The high temperature model delivers heating up to 60°C, which is ideal for commercial buildings with high heat demands.

High specification acoustic hoods to dampen sound and isolate vibrations.

Weather compensation – which efficiently adjusts the temperatures to make up for heat loss on colder days – is fitted as standard.


Plant Room components

Core heat pump unit (refrigeration components)

Controller & water pumps


5 years

2 years


MCS accreditation

Microgeneration certification scheme (MCS) accreditation for 25kW – 45kW models highlights quality and compliance.

A+ energy efficiency

A+ Energy-related Product (ErP) rating.

ISO9001 approval

Manufactured in an ISO9001 approved factory.


1750mm high

800mm wide

900mm deep

Plant Room series technical data

Nominal thermal kW rating25 HT253040456075
Product Code
X - H Heating Only
R Reverse Cycle
C Cooling only +
MCS ApprovedHeating: BBA0055/34Heating: BBA0055/16
Reverse cycle: BBA0055/24
Heating: BBA0055/17
Reverse cycle: BBA0055/25
Heating: BBA0055/18
Reverse cycle: BBA0055/26
Heating: BBA0055/19
Reverse cycle: BBA0055/27
Performance data - rated heating output at B0/W35 BS EN14511
Power consumption6.446.589.712.815.919
Co-efficient of Performance*
Immersion heater outputKensa Heat Pumps do not feature back-up electric immersion heaters**
Brine (primary): Based on 0°C in / -4°C
Design flow rate kg/min82.468.587.4105.6135.2167.8207.4
Pressure drop kPa at design flow rate12.611.11723.625.221.831.7
Max inlet temperature °C15151515151515
Min temperature °C (outlet)-5 (at standard settings)-5 (at standard settings)-5 (at standard settings)-5 (at standard settings)-5 (at standard settings)-5 (at standard settings)-5 (at standard settings)
Heating water (secondary): Based on 30°C in / 35°C out
Design flow rate l/min12074.795112147.6183.5224.9
Pressure drop kPa at design flow rate7.271312.216.919.51725.5
Max flow temperature °C***Up to 65?C depending on application505050505050
Electrical values at B0/W35
Rated voltage400V / 50Hz
Power supply rating amps40323240506370
Rated current (max) amps32222532415263
Typical running current at B0/W35 amps15.3131418232936
Starting current amps ****54577589101112140
Refrigerant circuit
Process mediumR134aR407CR407CR407CR407CR407CR407C
Fill volume kg32.252.533.753.755.5
Compressor typeScrollScrollScrollScrollScrollScrollScroll
H X W X L (mm)1750 x 800 x 9001750 x 800 x 9001750 x 800 x 9001750 x 800 x 9001750 x 800 x 9001750 x 800 x 9001750 x 800 x 900
Dry weight kg280200250280300350380
Operating pressure
Brine circuit min (primary) bar g0.
Heating water circuit min (secondary) bar g0.
Low pressure reset bar g1.
Connection sizes
Primary IN and OUT PN10/16DN40DN40DN40DN40DN40DN40DN40
Heating flow and return PN10/16DN40DN40DN40DN40DN40DN40DN40
Performance (based on Average Climate) @ 35°C
ErP ratingA+A+A+A+A+N/AN/A
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency148%142%142%145%142%N/AN/A
Performance (based on Average Climate) @ 55°C
ErP ratingA+A+A+A+N/AN/AN/A
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency124%114%117%118%N/AN/AN/A
Sound Power Level
Sound Power Level (dB)6868687171N/AN/A
ᵻ Units are currently being ErP tested and will be available when complete.
^The 45kW Plantroom produces above 50kW at a ground temperature of 0°C and load temperature of 35°C.
+ Cooling only units are not MCS approved.
* The COP figure quoted excludes the water pump electrical input and is calculated according to EN14511.
** In-built immersion heaters will increase running costs and CO2 emissions as they use direct electricity, because of this Kensa heat pumps do not include them.
*** By increasing the flow temperature from the heat pump the efficiency of the unit will drop and the COP decreases.
**** The starting currents are per phase. For full details on how the starting currents are calculated please contact Kensa.
*********The SCOP figure quoted is calculated as per EN14825.
Note i): Design flowrates and pressure drops are based on a ground temperature of 0°C and –4°C and a load temperature of 30°C and 35°C.
Note ii): The P500X unit is classed as a Low Temperature Space Heater as per the ErP regulations.

Get the MCS stamp of approval

with Kensa’s MCS Umbrella Service.

Lifetime technical support

“The support team at Kensa have made recovery and service into an art form.”

“First class product and excellent after sales attention – even when out of guarantee”


Case study reviews

Commercial Plant Room Ground Source Heat Pump

"Kensa provided us with lots of great advice prior to the installation and everything worked out as planned. The Kensa kit has delivered well, as always, and we continue to use them as our preferred ground source heat pump supplier."

Jamie Burnham - Installer

See the case study

Project overview

New purpose-built outdoor education centre

2 x 30KW Plantrooms providing heating and hot water

10 x pond mats under pontoon in the harbour

£1600 per year running cost

Budget £32k

Commercial Plant Room Ground Source Heat Pump

"As the Warehouse Buildings stand close to the sea, it made sense to opt for this innovative approach to keeping them warm and I am very pleased that the system is proving to be efficient and effective."

James Stockan - Council chairman

See the case study

Project overview

Orkney Council offices

2 x 40kW Plant Room heat pumps providing heat and hot water

2 x pond mats submerged beneath the pier in Stromness harbour

£1000 savings compared to oil

Six tonnes of CO² per year

Commercial Plant Room Ground Source Heat Pump

"As well as being energy-efficient, the technology makes perfect business sense compared to radiators or air source - which work out more expensive."

Charles - Garden centre owner

See the case study

Project overview

New-build extension providing 30,000 sq ft of retail space

Cascaded Plantroom system

2x 45kW Plantroom heat pump providing space heating

1x 25kW High Temperature Plantroom providing hot water

24x 50m slinkies located under nearby field

Main building upgraded to underfloor heating

System contains 7250 litres of water and 1450 litres of antifreeze

Kensa Google reviews

Andrew H.
Andrew H.
17:53 18 Jan 22
Recently had a 13 kw Evo installed and I am very pleased with its performance. In fact it is better... than my 12kw oil boiler which it replaced and it exceeds its quoted performance.. That said it would benefit with the energy meter being readable from the front panel which is over engineered being far to heavy/fancy and has to be moved to access same. Again the rear top cover could include preformed knockouts for the pipes or indeed be manufactured from a softer material to aid installation. I also think that the vibration noise although not loud could be improved by the use of plastic plumbing to connect to the 28mm fittings supplied since the vibration can be felt on my copper pipes and I would suggest that any new floor tiling beneath should be decoupled if possible from the screed and adjacent walls The weather compensator works well but would benefit from clearer installation/operating instructions. It would be interesting if the pump performance data held a retained average for the life of the machine. Additional detailed analysis of boreholes v slinkys would be of interest given that with increased energy costs I believe the cost benefit is worthy of analysis especially when drilling into granite. Overall- a great product and contrary to what the papers say there is plenty of hot water.read more
Iain M.
Iain M.
10:40 12 Jan 22
Diagnosis of a fault with an 8 year old twin compressor 24 kw heat pump was carried out remotely by... Carl Jackaman of the Kensa technical department in conversation with an electrician on site today. The diagnosis and solution were completed successfully. Carl could not have been more helpful or patient in taking the electrician and myself through every step required, including the arrangements for the spare parts to be despatched.5 stars thoroughly deserved.Iain Milligan11 January 2022read more
Julie M.
Julie M.
14:30 03 Dec 21
My son has a Kensa Heat Pump that isn't working. His landlord is no help! My husband phoned Kensa... and an engineer tried his best over the telephone to give advice to get the pump working. Almost successful but we didn't have the tools needed. They were able to recommend sustainable energy engineers to assist. Excellent service from Kensa.read more
Damian V.
Damian V.
15:54 28 Oct 21
This is a comment about Kensa support.My 12-year-old heat pump developed an intermittent fault by... which the pump failed to start. It got worse over a few days until it no longer worked at all. (Not surprising in such an old machine).I phoned Kensa support and in seconds I had a diagnosis, and a new part was on it's way to me. As I didn't want to fit the part myself, the support people put me in touch with a local plumbing and heating expert. Unfortunately, he fell ill and took time off work, so my wife and I took on the task ourselves, following telephone guidance from Kensa support.Incidentally, when we first had the heat pump, we were confused about how to get the best from it, but we found out then that we could rely on them for help.Anyway, to fit the part we removed the front panel, then the top panel, but still we couldn't reach the failing part. We had to remove the back and side panels too - all the time following Kensa advice. Even then there were more problems. (I understand that newer machines are much easier to maintain.)We had been without heating for two weeks and frequently felt like giving up, but we sent photos by email to Kensa to illustrate difficulties as they arose and received solutions in return. Eventually we got the new part in place, switched on and felt the most profound sense of relief and satisfaction when the pump sprang to life.It should be emphasised that the support team are not necessarily familiar with such old models, but whenever we made contact all the support staff present knew about the problem. This gave a very reassuring feeling that we were getting an individual, personal service for which we are most grateful.In short, we received the most excellent telephone and email support for getting this very old heat pump working again.read more
Jane S
Jane S
11:48 28 Oct 21
The installer of our Kensa heat pump retired some years ago but Kensa Technical support have... provided excellent service and information over the phone and on line. We could not ask for more. Excellent company. Would recommend.read more
Kevin F.
Kevin F.
18:58 25 Oct 21
Tom, was extremely helpful in assisting in a technical issue I had with my Kensa heat pump. The... pump has been working well for the past 10 years without any major issues. The pressure had dropped and Tom remotely assisted in solving the problem which saved me time and not doubt expense. Thank you very muchread more
Dana F.
Dana F.
10:32 18 Oct 21
The Kensa Technical Support team are excellent. They are always happy to help with issues and... really go the extra mile. Twice now they have sent out part replacements free of charge (when we are actually out of warranty) and have talked us through the installation in order to save us from calling out a plumber. Carl has been really really helpful, and Tom has also been excellent in the past.read more
lisa M.
lisa M.
12:31 01 Oct 21
The after sales service provided by Kensa has been exemplary. They have been easy to contact,... always very helpful and have reliably followed up on everything they promised as well as keeping us informed on a regular basis. They have gone over and beyond to ensure we are satisfied with their product. I would highly recommend Kensa to anyone considering a heat pump.read more
David R.
David R.
10:48 20 Sep 21
Our 20kw Single phase Heat pump was fitted over 7 years ago, over that time we have had one sensor... failure , that was replaced FOC, recently one of our ground arrays was isolated due to it weeping at the fitting, Thanks to Tom for sending out a replacement olive.read more
darren H.
darren H.
21:42 07 Sep 21
Excellent ‘after-care’ and technical help on a product installed many years ago in a property I’ve... just moved into. It’s reassuring to be able to go through the heat pump and clarify my understanding and solve pressure issues simply by being talked through it all on the phone. Thanks for your time folk.read more
16:29 11 Mar 21
Had a really informative conversation with their Sales team. I was originally looking at installing... a ground source heat pump. However I was pointed in the direction of an air source pump which isn't one of their products but would be better suited for my property. Clearly putting customer service first! I would highly recommend you to get a quote from them.read more
Wayne R.
Wayne R.
14:16 02 Feb 21
Having had a lengthy search to find someone that actually knew what they were talking about when it... came to ground source heat pumps, we found Kensa. When we called we thought we were getting the receptionist, but in fact we got Daisy. She knew more about what she was selling than anyone else we had spoken to. Clearly knew her stuff, and instantly put our minds at ease. She worked out a detailed quote and nothing was too much trouble when we asked questions or wanted to change something.Installation was quick, clean, and everything was explained in a language we could understand. We were then given a complete system booklet, again explaining what to do if we have any issues or need to change anything on the systemDaisy and the whole Kensa team have been nothing but professional, capable and courteous from start to finish.Thoroughly recommend Daisy and the whole of the Kensa team to anyone who needs a GSHP.read more
oy D.
oy D.
16:33 21 Jan 21
The plumbers and the resident liaison officer did a great job on my block on Drygate walk 2-8.... Thanks you guys.read more
posh and F.
posh and F.
21:53 20 Jan 21
Thank you so much Demi for your help during my sister heating installation last week, housing... didn't care but you were so helpful,Thank you.read more
aslan B.
aslan B.
11:50 18 Jan 21
The workmen are friendly and polite and dispıte beıng so streched nothing iş too much trouble. The... system iş a little cooler then my old heating system but overall its goodread more
Sue H.
Sue H.
16:42 15 Dec 20
I installed a Kensa Ground source heat pump in 2015 and am really pleased. I also have solar PV and... solar thermal so this form of heating is absolutely essential. Made in Cornwall !!read more
Allan T.
Allan T.
14:21 10 Nov 20
We installed our heat pump in 2007, yes..13 years ago. It has been an excellent and reliable... investment that has performed exactly as planned. Support from Kensa can only be described as outstanding. Any call for support is quickly answered by knowledgeable engineers, who work with you to diagnose and resolve the fault or diagnose the issue and then send the right resources to fix the system. They clearly keep a sense of ownership and pride in what they make and install and are patience personified in the way they deal with lay customers. Top marks from me and thanks in particular to Tom with a recent sensor failure that proved difficult to identify.read more
Nigel D.
Nigel D.
18:16 09 Nov 20
I am delighted with the service provided by Kensa. I purchased a ground source heat pump from this... company in 2014 and I have been very pleased with my purchase. When help is required the very able technical team are always accessible and very willing to assist. I am very happy to recommend this company to anyone considering to invest in a ground source heat pump.read more
Steve A.
Steve A.
13:44 13 Oct 20
We have a Kensa GSHP, the pump is reliable, needs little servicing and is both environmentally and... uses only a little electricity. Todd in tech support is THE most helpful and informed person you will come accross...what's not to like?read more
John G.
John G.
15:10 06 Oct 20
We recently had a Kensa Heat Pump installed at our new build Hobbit Hole holiday let. Nothing about... this whole build was easy but we opted for Kensa for our renewable energy. Brilliant decision from the start, the product layout, working with our staggered delivery requests due to a just in time scheme adopted for the build, to literally holding our hand during the self installation process using a heat engineer locally. So helpful, and great to know if we need further guidence, totally confident they are there. John & Rebecca Garrett, Hobbit Hole, Abbotsham,North Devonread more
Michael P.
Michael P.
12:59 06 Oct 20
Can’t thank these guys enough especially Todd his knowledge of these heat pumps is second to none
Martin B.
Martin B.
21:43 02 Oct 20
I had a Kensa heat pump installed in 2017. It has worked really well and saved significantly on... space and water heating costs. The technical support team at Kensa have been absolutely fantastic helping sort out installation issues, responding very quickly and positively to queries and resolving issues very efficiently.read more
Richard J.
Richard J.
07:33 17 Sep 20
great service, very efficient as always
Bharat R.
Bharat R.
19:53 23 Aug 20
I chose Kensa Heat Pumps for our GSHP needs because Steve Costello and the other professionals I... met at home building events always welcomed me and answered all my questions. They introduced me to Howard Smith Builders in Herefordshire who installs many of their pumps and I visited him to see first-hand an installation Howard had done. Back to Kensa. All throughout the build and spec of our pump, Kensa stayed in touch and Steve even visited our home when the work began. I have also been assured that as and when there are software updates for their pumps, Kensa will provide them to me to ensure my pump stays at the optimum level. Thank you, Steve, and Kensa for sticking with me when I needed you to hold my pump for a year with no extra charge! Looking forward to having Lewington’s of Market Harborough finishing the install of your pump and slinkies this Wednesday!read more
Joule E.
Joule E.
17:17 22 Jul 20
I have been using Kensa for a number of years now, and whilst the service is always exceptional... from every member off the team, just recently, and during these trying times, Jacquelyn, James & Maggie have gone the extra mile to ensure my business has kept installing. Really fantastic work guys, much appreciated, thank you, Lee Whiteread more
Mike H.
Mike H.
12:25 08 May 20
Well, Kensa technicians continue to do a wonderful job. We installed our heat pump back in 2007.... Paid a fair price, got a grant towards the cost and have benefited from cheaper heating ever since. Any other boiler I am sure would have been on the scrap heap by now and the manufacturers not in the slightest bit interested in us. But not Kensa, they have continued to give first class technical support throughout the thirteen years - all advice free, friendly and helpful. We’ve bought a few bits, but not many and several parts have been provided free of charge. This time it was Todd doing the magic programming a new Corel for us, which he sent us by return at absolutely no cost to us. So anyone reading this - thinking of having a Kensa heat pump - do it! You won’t be sorry. Todd likened it to a land rover - sturdy, robust, efficient and long lasting and I think that’s absolutely right.read more
Steve T.
Steve T.
14:47 04 May 20
Can't recommend Kensa enough. Great product, phenomenal customer service. I called them after our... heat pump stopped working and spoke to an engineer called Tod. He was extremely knowledgeable and talked me through getting it going again over the telephone, even though turned out that the fault wasn't anything to do with the heat pump itself! Above and beyond, even messaged me again to check everything was still ok. Thanks Tod, you are an asset to Kensa!!read more
Duncan R.
Duncan R.
17:11 27 Apr 20
Great company to work with. Very professional in every aspect of their business. The best company... to deal with if want a heat pump system that is designed and installed by highly skilled and experienced people.read more
Jon T.
Jon T.
20:44 12 Mar 20
The staff at Kensa could not have been more helpfulI bought a 10 kw heat pump in 2007 which has... worked without a problem untill while extending my drains I cut through one of the underground pipes. The help I received enabled me to get my system up and running with only a day down time very very helpful.read more
Jean C.
Jean C.
20:07 03 Mar 20
We found all Kensa personnel helpful and knowledgeable, especially TomWorth, when our heat... exchanger broke down. Very pleased we purchased Kensa. Peter Lyonsread more
Robert E.
Robert E.
10:39 20 Feb 20
Similar to another reviewer, we bought Ground Source Heat Pump from Kensa some 10 or more years... ago. Never had any problems what so ever, until recently it fails to start and only rarely does it get up and going.Called the service desk, spoke to one of the Tom's, excellent knowledgeable advice culminating in us purchasing a replacement smart start box. I was nervous about doing the replacement, but encouraged by Tom, gave it a shot, it worked perfectly, job done !A couple of calls to the team always results in friendly expert definitive advice, everything breaks at some point, so its all in the recovery and the support team at Kensa have made recovery and service into an art form.The product is by design inherently more reliable than oil or gas boilers and the Kensa support experience confirms it was the right decision to buy the product.Congratulations.read more
Mark N.
Mark N.
20:39 15 Jan 20
Came across the invoice for our Kensa heat pump during a clear out. It cost us about £6k just over... ten years ago (+ digger hire for a few days) and I reckon it's saved us at least £750 per year since (probably closer to £1000). Maintenance cost so far has just been inhibitor for the heating system.read more
David W.
David W.
21:44 05 Dec 19
First class product and excellent after sales attention - even when out of guarantee
Derek S.
Derek S.
09:44 01 Dec 19
I bought a 10 year old house with a Kensa Ground Source Heat Pump last year. Recently, my hot... water has not been as hot as usual so I contacted Kensa for some advice. Bear in mind this is a 10 year old heat pump, well out of warranty . . . They could not have been more helpful!I have spent at least a couple of hours on the phone with Todd from their technical support team. He helped me troubleshoot, talked me through how to open the unit up and check things myself. He sent me some small parts free of charge and I also bought a couple of replacement parts, which he again talked me through how to fit.I have never come across a single company in my entire life that wouldn't charge me for this time. I'm well out of warranty and yet Todd did not hesitate to help. No bill for labour, just patient, friendly advice. What amazing service! Second to none!If I ever need another heat pump I'll be going straight to Kensa. Best customer service I've ever experienced!read more
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