Evo Series

Introducing the evolutionary and award-winning Kensa Evo ground source heat pump series.

NEW 17KW model now available to pre-order

In Brief

  • 15% gain in efficiency* minimises running costs & maximises RHI income.
  • Up to ErP A++ rated, with SCOPs to 4.7 at 35°C.
  • 60°C domestic hot water.
  • Pioneering control system.
  • Industry-leading noise reduction.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Dimensions (H x W x L (mm)): 1160 x 555 x 575.
  • Models: 7kW, 9kW, 13kW, 17kW.
*Versus Kensa’s previous Compact series.

Genesis System Manager

The Evo introduces the world’s first system manager dedicated to ground source heat pumps; and exclusive to Kensa.

  • Features an industry first ‘live’ CoP readout to ensure optimal system efficiency.
  • Pro-active system records system performance and pre-empts system irregularities enabling better diagnostic and faster system resolution.
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Incorporating the latest advances in acoustic insulation and vibration mitigation minimise the Evo’s acoustic signature.

A unique floating sub chassis prevents vibration and noise passing through the unit, sandwiched by thick acoustic insulation fully lining the inner chamber.


The Evo has been designed to be easy to handle and install.

Cross head screws provide easy access to the Evo’s electrical component and wiring terminals behind its unique bevelled front panel.

  • Curved cut-outs offer an extra level of installation flexibility, with vertical and horizontal pipework exit points from the sides and top of the unit.
  • Four rear water connections, two for the ground collectors and two for the property’s heating distribution system, consist of 28mm straight brass fittings designed with tight tolerances, ensuring compatibility with easy to install push fittings.


  • Optimised sized stainless steel heat exchangers allow the compressor to respond more efficiently.
  • Scroll type compressors deliver the highest efficiency possible.
  • Features Kensa’s pioneering self-adjusting pressure controlled hot water system and optional use DHW boost controller synchronised to the heat pump cycles, minimising additional energy use.
  • Built in water pumps for both the ground and heating side.
  • Modulating fluid pumps can be commissioned to exactly meet the flow needs of the unit. The load side pump automatically modulates between normal and setback speeds depending on the operating state to minimise the pump energy consumption.
  • Harnessing the latest advances in heat exchanger design have aided the reduced temperature difference across the heat exchangers to improve efficiency. The Evo also includes a small third heat exchanger that recovers internal waste heat from the compressor circuit.
  • DNO friendly ‘Soft Starts’ fitted as standard to ensure peak starting load is minimised.
  • Weather compensation fitted as standard.

Warranty & Accreditations


  • 5 year warranty for the heat pump unit.
  • 2 year warranty for the controller and water pumps.
  • 2 year internals warranty.


  • MCS*
  • ISO9001
  • Up to ErP A++
  • Heat Pump Product Of The Year, ACR & Heat Pump Awards 2018
  • Best Sustainable Technology / Product, Build It Awards 2017
*Figures shown for 17kW Evo are indicative and subject to final testing and MCS accreditation in summer 2018.


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