North Devon Homes, Rock Park

Ground source Review North Devon Homes, Rock Park ǀ Heat Pump - 7 Boreholes - 6kW Shoebox Twin

Ground source Review: North Devon Homes, Rock Park.

North Devon Homes and Kensa Contracting delivered a multi-award winning shared ground loop ground source heat pump system to provide heating and hot water to eight terraced bungalows at Rock Park, Devon.


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Ground source Review: North Devon Homes, Rock Park

Rock Park in Devon is an interesting site: featuring eight bungalows owned by North Devon Homes and an old care home owned by North Devon District Council, all nine properties were previously provided with heating and hot water by an inefficient communal oil boiler housed in a central plant room within the care home.

The old boiler was coming to the end of its life and there was uncertainty about the future of the council-run care home, (which has since been shut down), meaning that North Devon Homes would soon lose access to the boiler system. Also, the tenants had very limited control over their existing heating system; being unable to ever switch off the bathroom radiator which reached such high temperatures that they often had to open windows even in the winter, wasting energy and money.

Kensa Contracting’s solution was to replace the heating system with an innovative shared ground loop array ground source heat pump system. This involved drilling a network of seven communal boreholesto feed individual Kensa 6kW Shoebox Twin ground source heat pumps installed in each bungalow. This removed the need for a central plantroom.

Ben Ashfold, General Practice Surveyor at North Devon Homes, said:

This has been a really exciting project for us at NDH which supports us in our aims to improve our customer’s homes and make them more affordable and comfortable to live in. The new heating systems will provide a sustainable source of heating that will benefit our customers for years to come. The innovative borehole array has helped access funding and ultimately made this project a possibility.


Key Facts

  • Kensa Contracting managed scheme
  • 8 bungalows, 7 boreholes
  • Shared ground loop array ground source heat pump system
  • Kensa 6kW Shoebox Twin
  • Replacing communal oil boiler
  • New wet radiator system
  • Eligible for the Non Domestic RHI (this scheme has now closed)